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June 6, 2012 | Volume 11 Issue 11


TOP STORY: Practical RPG: Queuing, Part I: Data Queues
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Surround Technologies Announces V 3.3 of Accelerator for .NET
FORUM: Journaling of Files in SQLRPGLE Programming
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Beyond FTP, Securing and Automating File Transfers
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Feature Article - Programming
Practical RPG: Queuing, Part I: Data Queues

One of the most basic functions of inter-process communication is the use of the queue. This first queuing article will introduce the simplest of the IBM i queuing mechanisms, the data queue.

joe_plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

In programming, queuing is a technique used to transfer data asynchronously between two software components. It differs from a parameter in that the sender can place a message on a queue, go on processing, and then optionally check later to see if the message was processed.


Sponsor - ASNA

The weak link in virtually every IBM i RPG application is the green user interface. For years, now, band aids and half-measures have been used to try to fix the problem. But no one solution has really solved the problem appropriately. That’s where ASNA Wings® comes in. ASNA Wings lets you easily create an alternative browser-based user interface for your RPG programs. Wings doesn’t require invasive changes to your RPG and includes a browser-based emulator for use with non-enhanced displays.


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Feature Article - Programming
The ABCs of MI Locks

It's time for a review of the basic concepts of MI locks. These examples will help.

junlei_liWritten by Junlei Li

In computer science, a lock is a synchronization mechanism for enforcing limits on access to a resource in an environment where there are many threads of execution. In IBM i, locks are implemented in such a complex and sophisticated manner that they cannot be compared directly with their counterparts in common platforms, such as semaphores, critical sections, read/write locks, and mutexes.


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Beyond FTP, Securing and Automating File Transfers

Standard FTP is an outdated protocol with serious security issues that can expose your sensitive data, user ids and passwords. Many organizations are rapidly moving away from standard FTP in order to meet privacy policies and compliance requirements like PCI DSS, SOX and HIPAA.

Join us in this free webinar and learn about secure alternatives to FTP that will protect your data transfers with strong encryption and modern authentication methods.

We'll also give you a quick tour of our GoAnywhere Director managed file transfer solution, with its simple intuitive interface that allows you to quickly set up and automate secure file transfers without the need for scripts or programming.


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