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March 12, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 5


In This Issue:

>> V6R1 Breathes New Life into DB2 for i5/OS .NET Provider
>> Introducing Eclipse Monkey 

Feature Article - Database
V6R1 Breathes New Life into DB2 for i5/OS .NET Provider

Learn how to exploit ADO.NET 2.0 enhancements, DAAB, distributed transactions, and more.


Over the last couple of years, I wrote several articles and white papers that dealt with Microsoft .NET Framework integration with DB2 for i5/OS. Judging from the readers' interest and feedback, this topic is very popular, especially among those System i users who rely on Microsoft tools for in-house software development. In the past, some of the developers expressed their concern that the DB2 for i5/OS .NET provider did not keep pace with Microsoft's quickly changing .NET specification. Well, I have good news to report: The so-called native DB2 for i5/OS .NET provider that ships with System i Access for Windows V6R1 (formerly known as Client Access) sports an impressive list of enhancements and improvements. In this article, I highlight the most important features of the new version of the provider and illustrate them with practical code examples.


Feature Article - WebSphere
Introducing Eclipse Monkey
Remember using REXX for SEU exit points? If so, Eclipse Monkey is your new best friend.

By Joe Pluta

I so had to avoid saying something like "Bananas for Eclipse" in the title, but I restrained myself.

Time to Get Back to the Technical Details

With all that has transpired in the community over the past year, we've spent a whole lot of time recently concentrating on some non-technical or at best tangentially technical topics. The whole V6R1 AD repackaging scheme, while crucial to the financial planning of your company, has less to do with development than with paying for it. And while I've gotten some great comments on those articles, I've also been hearing a pretty regular refrain that I ought to be covering more technical topics.


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