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March 14, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 5


TOP STORY: Availability and i: Hardware-Level and Logical Solutions
FEATURED ARTICLE: A Visual Guide to Automated MVC Reengineering for RPG Applications
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Names New Generation Software an IBM POWER7 BI Solution Edition Partner
WHITE PAPER: A Visual Guide To Automated MVC Reengineering for RPG Applications
FORUM: Help with MRP Standards?
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Feature Article - System Administration
Availability and i: Hardware-Level and Logical Solutions

There are a number of high availability solutions for IBM i-based systems, but they can be broken down into two broad classes: hardware-level and logical. Each has unique qualities.

frank_soltisWritten by Dr. Frank Soltis

Reliability has been a hallmark of the AS/400 since its inception. Careful design and integrated hardware and software gave it a reputation as a system that almost never crashed. Nonetheless, reliability does not equal availability. Databases must be backed up and reorganized. Operating systems must be upgraded. And disasters can happen. Any of these incidents can create system unavailability.


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Feature Article - Programming
A Visual Guide to Automated MVC Reengineering for RPG Applications

Extend the life of RPG applications or migrate to a new language and platform, but first restructure your legacy RPG programs into a modern architecture.

Written by Databorough Services

Editor's Note: The following is taken from the white paper "A Visual Guide to Automated MVC Reengineering for RPG Applications," available for download free from the MC White Paper Center.


This paper has the following sections:

  • Three steps to new and improved systems
  • Why reengineer?
  • Bad practices of reengineering—what not to do
  • Best practices—two good options
  • Automated restructuring and modernization of monolithic legacy RPG code (Overview, Restructuring RPG—the details, and Converting Restructured RPG to Another Language)



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