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March 22, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 6


TOP STORY: Addressing Security Vulnerabilities in Windows Server 2008 RC2
FEATURED ARTICLE: Exploiting SOA and Web Services: A Practical Approach
MORE NEWS: Labor Department Seeks Nearly $1.9 million in Wages, Penalties in H-1B Case
WHITE PAPER: Keeping your System i Applications Relevant in a Service-Oriented World
FORUM: Help! Barcode Issue
BLOG: Welcome to Carol Woodbury's blog

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Feature Article - Security
Addressing Security Vulnerabilities in Windows Server 2008 RC2

With features such as BitLocker Drive Encryption, Digitally Signed Files, and Read Only Domain Controller (RODC), Windows Server 2008 R2 mitigates security problems.

joydip_kanjilalWritten by Joydip Kanjilal

Windows Server 2008 is one of Microsoft's most popular operating systems. Windows Server 2008 RC2 was released in July 2008, and Microsoft has made quite a few enhancements that help improve security, increase productivity, and reduce the administrative overhead. This article discusses the security vulnerabilities in Windows Server 2008 RC2 and ways to address those issues.


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Feature Article - Programming
Exploiting SOA and Web Services: A Practical Approach

Leverage existing information assets with an SOA strategy to achieve benefits rapidly and safely.

eden_wattWritten by Eden Watt

Editor's Note: This article introduces "Keeping Your System i Applications Relevant in a Service-Oriented World," a free white paper that you can download from the MC White Paper Center.


Service-oriented architecture (SOA) encompasses design principles like modularization, encapsulation, standards, reusability, and distributed computing. At every step in the history of software, we've been moving steadily forward to achieve these ideals.


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MC Industry Blogs

Welcome to Carol Woodbury's blog

Posted 03-18-2010 at 07:12 PM by C.Woodbury

Welcome to my first blog posting. As I write this from a Starbucks ... not in my native Seattle ... but in London, I can confirm that the security issues faced in the States are the same as those faced in other countries. Growing government and industry regulation over the use and protection of data is a common theme wherever I go. The need for good security practices is permeating all industries in all countries around the world. And so this discussion begins. I hope to offer advice, provide tips and point you to undiscovered features of i5/OS security. But be prepared - I intend to tell it like it is and you might not always like what I have to say!

So as this blog opens, my question to you is this - How can I help? What topics would you like to see discussed on this blog? What issues are you facing? What questions about i5/OS security would you like answered? Ask me now.

That's it for now - Cheers!