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March 5, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 3


TOP STORY: Power i Forecast: Speedy Solid-State Drives
FEATURED NEWS: Halcyon Spooled File Manager V9.0 for IBM i Includes Major Enhancements
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: ASNA Releases New Version of Wings
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Automating PCI Compliance Reporting on IBM i
EVENT: RPG & DB2 Summit
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Feature - System Administration
Power i Forecast: Speedy Solid-State Drives

Are SSDs inching past being used just for cache to speed up IOPS, or could they soon be an option for tier 1 storage?

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

With the introduction of IBM i 6.1, a number of features were introduced to the operating system to support solid-state drives (SSDs). The new "solid" drives were faster, quieter, and more efficient than conventional spinning discs. Alas, they also were more expensive. The solution that IBM and others suggested to maximize speed but contain costs was to integrate SSDs with hard-disk drives (HDDs) and allocate the most frequently used data to the faster drives and relegate the rest to the conventional disk drives.


Featured News
Halcyon Spooled File Manager V9.0 for IBM i Includes Major Enhancements

Systems management software provider, Halcyon Software Inc., has announced a major release of one of its key products —Spooled File Manager V9.0 for the IBM i platform. Spooled File Manager V9.0 is a comprehensive spooled file distribution and archiving tool that offers real-time spooled file monitoring, filtering, and fast retrieval of archived spooled files. It performs actions on spooled files without the need for program changes, such as automatically emailing the summary page of a report, or converting them into PDFs or HTML Web pages.


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