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March 7, 2008 | Vol 5 Issue 10


In This Issue:

>> TechTip: Clone Hard Drives and Partitions Using Ghost for Linux
>> CeBIT May Be the Greatest Show on Earth 

Feature Article - System Administration
TechTip: Clone Hard Drives and Partitions Using Ghost for Linux

Whether you're backing up, deploying multiple Linux and Windows desktops, or cloning your installation to a larger drive, Ghost for Linux (G4L) can be very helpful.

By Max Hetrick

One can never have too many backups, trust me. Whether you want to create full disk and partition backups or you want to clone drives for deployment purposes, many commercial programs are available to help you. Chances are you've used Norton's Ghost utility to create full-disk image backups, partition backups, or file-based snapshots of your hard drives. There is an alternative, however, and Ghost for Linux (G4L) is a slightly trimmed-down open-source equivalent of Norton's product that's maintained by Michael Setzer.


Feature Article - Analysis
CeBIT May Be the Greatest Show on Earth

The largest technology and communications trade show in the world is being held in Germany this week and offers insights into future product trends.

By Chris Smith

The CeBIT trade show going on this week in Hannover, Germany, must be an awesome event for those unfamiliar with exhibitions that spill out over multiple city blocks and attract literally hundreds of thousands of visitors.


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