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March 7, 2012 | Volume 11 Issue 5


TOP STORY: Practical SQL: Using Old World Tools with New World Data
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Halcyon Spooled File Manager V9.0 for IBM i Includes Major Enhancements
FORUM: Zip and Unzip for Free!
TRIAL SOFTWARE: Free unlimited trial of the Valence Web Application Framework for IBM i
EVENT: RPG & DB2 Summit
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Sponsor - T.L. Ashford & Associates
Barcode400 Labeling Software makes it easy for IBM i users to design and print labels in minutes.

T.L. Ashford has over 28 years of experience in software development and backs that commitment with a highly qualified technical support team.

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Feature Article - Programming
Practical SQL: Using Old World Tools with New World Data

Using DDL to define your files provides a wealth of new features, but just which features should you embrace? Some of that depends on the tools you use, and this article explains a couple of pitfalls.

joe_plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

The ongoing SQL vs. native I/O debate really consists of two different debates: how to define your data and how to access it. Access is either via native I/O or SQL, but that's not the topic today. Today, I'm focused on the data definition debate, either the older Data Definition Specifications (DDS) or the more modern SQL-based Data Definition Language (DDL). I firmly believe this dispute has been decided in favor of DDL, but DDL is not perfect. Some potential pitfalls exist, and this article will address one of the more onerous problems.


Feature Article - Programming
The Case for SQL CASE

SQL CASE expressions are powerful. Understand their syntax and where they can be used.

sam_lennonWritten by Sam Lennon

Did you know that the SQL CASE construct can be used in SQL SELECT and UPDATE statements and in WHERE, GROUP BY, and ORDER BY clauses? This tip explains SQL CASE through examples that you can run and experiment with. It also gives an overview of SQL CASE syntax, though it does not attempt to rewrite the IBM DB2 for i SQL Reference manual.


MC Software Center
Free unlimited trial of the Valence Web Application Framework for IBM i  from CNX Corporation

Don’t settle for screen-scraping your way to the web… Give your RPG programs a true Web 2.0 interface!

Valence offers RPG programmers a genuine Web 2.0 solution for the IBM i, combining simple ILE RPG back-end procedures with a robust front-end JavaScript framework from Ext JS. Valence provides all the tools you need to create dazzling browser applications for your users.

Valence includes:

  • Advanced Web 2.0 JavaScript components from ExtJS and Fusion Charts
  • Complete RPG toolkit for communicating between the IBM i and the front-end
  • Full-featured web portal for managing IBM i users, menus, applications and security
  • Complete documentation, training videos and numerous RPG program demos

Just released, Valence Version 3.0 also includes mobile device support, the Valence Nitro integrated source editor and numerous other features.


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