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March 9, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 3


TOP STORY: Are You Keeping Up With CL?
FEATURED NEWS: MC Press Online Launches New Online Bookstore for IT Professionals
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Taking Over Web Development
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Midrange Performance Group Teams with iBOOST to Reduce Batch Run Times
FORUM: Free Utility HSSFCGI Now Supports Hyperlinks
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Top IBM i Compliance issues of 2011 and How to Tackle Them

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Feature Article - Programming
Are You Keeping Up With CL?

Let's review the last few releases and see if you know what CL can offer.

bruce_viningWritten by Bruce Vining

While Control Language (CL) has been around for over 30 years, my impression is that the last six years have seen more enhancements to CL than all of the preceding years combined. In fact, I'm surprised CL wasn't renamed to CL II at some point in the last six years! This article reviews many of the program-development-oriented CL enhancements that have become available to you in recent releases. While many new and enhanced CL commands in every release are related to running or configuring the system, this article focuses on the commands that target application development—that is, the commands that are used only within a CL program.


Featured News
MC Press Online Launches New Online Bookstore for IT Professionals

MC Press Online, LLC has announced the launch of its new feature-rich online MC Press Bookstore enhanced with new training materials and targeted at information technology professionals who need to keep their skills up to date. A major enhancement to the store's content is the addition of a full line of training materials from Manta Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of training to the IBM i community.


Advertorial - Manta Technologies
Partner TechTip: Taking Over Web Development

You've been told that you are now responsible for building and maintaining your orgnization's Web site, but where are you going to learn the necessary skills?

bill_hansenWritten by Dr. William A. Hansen

Many small and medium-sized businesses have in-house developers who are very good at RPG programming. They know their company's business rules better than anyone. But when it came time to establish a Web presence, the organization turned to an outside Web development service. This may have made sense when the Web site was a read-only presentation of the company's products and services. Creating such a site is less about programming and more about graphic design and effective ad copy. While such skills probably exist in the marketing department, it was the fear of the new technology that caused most companies to look elsewhere for help.


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