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May 21, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 8


TOP STORY: Technology Focus: Cloud Service Options for IBM i
FEATURED NEWS: LongRange - Native Mobile App Development Tool for IBM i Developers
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Presto 4 from BCD Now Includes Optimized Layouts for Mobile Devices 
WHITE PAPER: Security Considerations for the Cloud
FORUM: RUNSQL: Love the New Command, Hate the Name
EVENT: Transform your Green Screens into Rich Mobile Web Apps with Presto 4
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Feature Article - Internet
Technology Focus: Cloud Service Options for IBM i

Cloud computing is touted as the wave of the future for IT, promising better economies of scale for its users. The IBM i has its share of service providers in this arena.

john_gristWritten by John Ghrist

Cloud computing is aptly likened to a power grid, in which the electricity you use in your business or home isn't produced where you use it. Rather, it's produced at a central location and parceled out according to need, which you then pay for. Going hand in hand with virtualization, roughly defined as the ability to produce a fully functional replica of a computer system's hardware and software at a different location, cloud computing services are a rapidly growing industry.


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The latest in HA/DR software for IBM i, Maxava HA Enterprise+ incorporates the latest advanced features vital for IBM i users serious about their business continuity.


Maxava HA Enterprise+ is available through software licensing or via the cloud and ensures you are equipped to take control when disaster strikes.


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Featured News
LongRange - Native Mobile App Development Tool for IBM i Developers

LANSA has announced the availability of LongRange, a development tool focused entirely on RPG developers–enabling them to build and maintain stylish, modern and business-focused mobile application solutions, without needing to learn additional (and possibly unachievable) skills like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Java, or Objective-C. For companies utilizing IBM i technology in their Line-of-Business operations, this will significantly shorten the time-to-market and noticeably lower the total-cost-of-ownership of their mobile apps.


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View the on-demand IBM i Webinar:

Transform your Green Screens into Rich Mobile Web Apps with Presto 4


See Presto 4’s new features and learn how Presto makes it easy to:

- Transform green screens into mobile web applications
Give ALL green screens a Web GUI without source code changes
- Add rich UI components using Presto’s visual editor

- Extend the functionality way beyond the 5250 datastream
- Export data to spreadsheets and other new features

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