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May 3, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 8


TOP STORY: COMMON, IBM's Academic Initiative, and YiPs All Working to Perpetuate the i Platform
FEATURED NEWS: Zend Studio 7.2 Helps Developers Troubleshoot Applications
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Customers Continue Migration from Sun and HP to IBM Systems and Storage
FORUM: Cloud Hosting: Advantages and Disadvantages
TRIAL SOFTWARE: Test-drive ACOM’s iSeries-native forms output software FREE for 30 days

 Chris Smith's Back-Page News: RPG Open Access Stirs Debate

 Carol Woodbury on Security: I don't get it...


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Feature Article - Analysis
COMMON, IBM's Academic Initiative, and YiPs All Working to Perpetuate the i Platform

Despite difficult times from the world economy, the spirit of IBM i endures.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

The financial crisis ravaging state and local education budgets in the U.S. could have far-reaching effects on the next generation of information technology workers as students search high and low for instructors who haven't been left in the dark ages due to a lack of staff development funds.


Featured News
Zend Studio 7.2 Helps Developers Troubleshoot Applications

Zend Technologies announced last week a major release of Zend Studio that can help developers debug and troubleshoot issues more quickly and effectively than before. Zend Studio, a leading PHP IDE for IBM i, Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX has a new Integrated Code Tracing Viewer in V 7.2. The viewer opens code trace files captured by Zend Server in the production environment. It allows developers to quickly pinpoint the root cause of functional errors or performance slowdowns in their Web applications.


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MC Industry Blogs

Welcome to Carol Woodbury's blog


I don't get it
Bang, Bang, Bang. No, that's not an opening scene of a gangster movie. It's my head banging against the wall in frustration. Over what, you ask? The fact that, even though an organization clearly falls under some law or regulation (as in they store credit cards or retain healthcare information), some people in selected organizations don't think the laws and regulations apply to them. They're in total denial that they have compliance requirements that need to be addressed. How can this be? The PCI DSS, in particular, is pretty clear. If you store credit card data, you have compliance requirements. But rather than assigning the appropriate resources to get the issues addressed, this segment of the organization spends countless hours justifying why they don't have to comply Meanwhile, the rest of the organization goes about addressing the issues for which they're responsible. Why put so much energy into avoiding the work when it would be easier and take less time to address and resolve the issues? Can anyone help me understand this? My headache is rapidly turning into a migrane - bang, bang, bang....