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May 4 | Volume 10 Issue 9


TOP STORY: Practical SQL: Calling RPG from SQL, Part II
FEATURED ARTICLE: When CCSID Constants Vary, Part I
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Maxava Debuts Maxava HA Enterprise Plus at COMMON 
FORUM: Help! CODE/400 Error!
INDUSTRY WATCH BLOG: MC Press Online's Continuing Coverage of COMMON 2011
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Feature Article - Programming
Practical SQL: Calling RPG from SQL, Part II

This second article on combining the strengths of RPG and SQL shows how to turn a stored procedure into a user-defined function (UDF).

joe_plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

In my previous article, I showed you how to create a stored procedure that will invoke an RPG program (or COBOL or CL or any other program, ILE or non-ILE). I also showed you how to test it and even explained the primary shortcoming of stored procedures: they can't be used in SELECT statements. I explained that in order to use external business logic inside of a SELECT statement, you need to use the other SQL extension technique, the user-defined function (UDF). This article shows how to create a UDF that uses your stored procedure.


Feature Article - Programming
When CCSID Constants Vary, Part I

Learn how one simple character can make a program go crazy.

jean-paul_lamontreWritten by Jean-Paul Lamontre

Several years ago, I wrote an email processing program for the System i and posted the source on my Web site. Several people have downloaded the code, compiled the program, and run it without any problems…until recently. For a few months now, people have been reporting that the program crashes. The program MAIL, which worked perfectly for several years, suddenly went haywire.


MC Industry Watch Blog

News from COMMON!

Get all the latest news from the 2011 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition right here from MC Press Online. Senior News Editor Chris Smith along with CL expert and Technology Writer Bruce Vining and PHP Author Jeff Olen will be covering the show for MC Press Online and blogging daily in the MC Press Industry Watch blog designed to give you news about what’s happening at the conference. To reach the Industry Watch blog, click on Forums at the top of the home page, then Blogs, or Click Here.

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