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May 6, 2011 | Volume 8 Issue 18


TOP STORY: TechTip: Exploit ManageEngine's Free Software and Utilities
FEATURED ARTICLE: CSF Scripting Tool from Maxava Helps Automate Repetitive Tasks
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Bring Your Operators up to Speed
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Maxava Debuts Maxava HA Enterprise Plus at COMMON
FORUM: HSSFCGI, Free Utility to Create Excel Spreadsheets, Is Improved
BUSINESS CONTINUITY TODAY: Ch.11: Is the Cloud Right for You?
INDUSTRY WATCH BLOG: MC Press Online's Continuing Coverage of COMMON 2011
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Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Exploit ManageEngine's Free Software and Utilities

ManageEngine offers licensed utilities to assist the IT administrator in network, server, application, and desktop management, but many apps are also free.

max_hetrickWritten by Max Hetrick

ManageEngine is a commercial software management provider that offers many tools and utility suites to assist IT administrators in managing networks and software on Windows desktops. ManageEngine is owned by Zoho Corporation, which is commonly known for providing business and productivity applications. Although much of ManageEngine's software is licensed, the company also offers a free downloads section.


Feature Article - Analysis
CSF Scripting Tool from Maxava Helps Automate Repetitive Tasks

Combined with a remote mobile system management tool, users can oversee their backups from beneath the shade of a beach umbrella.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

The underlying idea behind mobile computing is to give people the tools to make better use of their time, regardless of where they happen to be—in the car, on a plane, or waiting for a delayed flight (as I am now while writing this article). Mobile devices, however, have limited functionality. Thus, applications running on mobile devices will likely have to change to make computing simpler. High availability provider Maxava appears to be well ahead of the power curve on this user trajectory.


Advertorial - Manta Technologies
Partner TechTip: Bring Your Operators up to Speed

Manta's IBM i Operations Boot Camp is the fastest way to fill in the gaps in your operators' educations.

bill_hansenWritten by Dr. William A. Hansen


What's different about the following scenarios?



  • You just hired a new operator (Steve) with no IBM i experience.
  • You just hired a new operator (Pat) who claims to have extensive "AS/400" experience.
  • You have an operations manager (Sally) who has worked for your organization for 20 years but hasn't had formal IBM i operations training.


Probably the biggest—and most dangerous—difference is in what they think they know.


Business Continuity Today

E-Magazine: Business Continuity Today from Vision Solutions, Inc.


Latest Chapter: Business Continuity Today Ch.11: Is the Cloud Right for You?


Business Continuity Today Ch. 1: Planning for Business Resilience

Business Continuity Today Ch. 2: Security Threats, Trends and Risks

Business Continuity Today Ch. 3: Optimizing Data Availability in Information Hungry Organizations

Business Continuity Today Ch. 4: Compliance and the New Reality for IT Resiliency

Business Continuity Today Ch. 5: Maintaining Availability with Virtualization Technologies

Business Continuity Today Ch. 6: Data Replication: Making Sense of the Options

Business Continuity Today Ch. 7: Recovery: Strategies for Resilience

Business Continuity Today Ch. 8: BCROI: Measuring Returns on Your Business Investment

Business Continuity Today Ch. 9: Making the Green Connection: Ensuring Sustainability and Continuity

Business Continuity Today Ch.10: Disaster Recovery by the Numbers



MC Industry Watch Blog

News from COMMON!

Get all the latest news from the 2011 COMMON Annual Meeting and Exposition right here from MC Press Online. Senior News Editor Chris Smith along with CL expert and Technology Writer Bruce Vining and PHP Author Jeff Olen will be covering the show for MC Press Online and blogging daily in the MC Press Industry Watch blog designed to give you news about what’s happening at the conference. To reach the Industry Watch blog, click on Forums at the top of the home page, then Blogs, or Click Here.

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