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May 7, 2012 | Volume 7 Issue 7


TOP STORY: Technology Refresh 4 for IBM i 7.1 Has Something for Everyone
FEATURED NEWS: Ascendant Technology Acquisition Propels Avnet to Offer New Services
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: COMMON Launches New ILE RPG Certification Credential
EVENT: Vault400: Disaster Recovery...What You Need to Know
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Feature Article - Operating System
Technology Refresh 4 for IBM i 7.1 Has Something for Everyone

IBM responds to IBM i user and developer requests with major technology upgrade announcement in advance of the annual COMMON conference.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

A few years ago, we in the high-tech publishing industry would get excited when we geared up for a major announcement about a new version of the IBM i operating system, usually just before COMMON. Nowadays, with the less disruptive quarterly technology refreshes, the incremental upgrades just keep rolling out, one after another. Whereas the media used to have a press briefing at COMMON, now the major dissemination of OS upgrades comes via the blogs of IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will and Senior Technical Staff Member Dawn May. Nevertheless, the fourth technology refresh (TR4) to IBM i 7.1 will be available May 18, and we thought we would give readers a rundown on what's included, since it's a major release with a lot of new features for IBM i users, developers, and system administrators. There are enhancements to the operating system, including DB2 for i, but the announcement goes far beyond that.


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With the advent of ASNA Wings®, the screen scraper is officially dead! Wings lets you modernize your RPG applications’ user interface without the constraint of the 5250 data stream—but still keep RPG logic and file IO firmly rooted on the IBM platform. No big upfront design or analysis is required and Wings can be learned very quickly. Unlike screen scrapers, all of the display file data is presented to Wings, so there are many ways to further customize the presentation layer.


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Featured News
Ascendant Technology Acquisition Propels Avnet to Offer New Services

Avnet Technology Solutions has announced three new services offerings for the U.S. and Canada: Healthcare Provider Portal, Middleware Infrastructure Automation, and Social Business in the Cloud. These services, the first made available through Avnet’s recent acquisition of Ascendant Technology, are designed to broaden partners’ capabilities, lower barriers to entry, and accelerate complete data center solution sales for Avnet’s IBM channel partners.


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See Presto 4’s new features and learn how Presto makes it easy to:

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Give ALL green screens a Web GUI without source code changes
- Add rich UI components using Presto’s visual editor

- Extend the functionality way beyond the 5250 datastream
- Export data to spreadsheets and other new features

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