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November 17, 2008 | Vol 3 Issue 20


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Security
Identity Management Solutions Evolve Toward Broader Acceptance

As solutions become easier to implement and maintain, the presence of compliance regulations coupled with rising external threats will likely drive their widespread adoption.

chris_smith.jpgBy Chris Smith

In earlier columns in MC Systems Insight and MC Tips 'N Techniques, I've written at length about the importance of having good, strong passwords, but we haven't talked about the importance of having secure answers to security questions. For those of you still in the dark about how Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account was hacked by a Tennessee teenager with the handle "rubico," it was via the password reset function.


Feature Article - Analysis
It's Still a See-Saw Economy

As the economy wanes, IBM Global Financing serves up good year-end news for the SMB sector, while jobs decline and fraud plagues H-1B.

maria_degiglio.gifBy Maria A. DeGiglio

While the topics covered in this article could not be more disparate, they do demonstrate that we live in a global economy, in which an event or action--wherever it occurs--can have a kinetic impact upon the entire world.   


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