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November 21, 2008 | Vol 5 Issue 46


In This Issue:

Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Manipulating Images with ImageMagick

Edit, convert, and manipulate images with the free and open-source ImageMagick software.

max_hetrick.jpgBy Max Hetrick

Editing images can be quite a task if you're using a GUI tool like GIMP or Photoshop, especially if you have dozens, or even hundreds, of images to format. With a GUI tool, you might need to edit one image at a time, but ImageMagick provides some great command-line tools to speed up this process.


Feature Article - Security
Key Management Appliance Takes Security to a New Level

A new solution from Patrick Townsend Security Solutions marks a giant step forward in encryption key management.

chris_smith.jpgBy Chris Smith

I was listening to a presentation on security and encryption key management at last summer's OCEAN conference when the speaker made a point eminently clear to the audience: It's not your encryption solution that is a challenge to manage, it's your encryption keys that take some finesse.



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