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November 22, 2010 | Volume 5 Issue 22


TOP STORY: Wi-Fi Security: Filling in Hole196
FEATURED ARTICLE: Best Practices in Data Protection: Encryption, Key Management and Tokenization
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IntelliChief 3.1 Released with Improved Routing, Approval Capabilities
WHITE PAPER: Best Practices in Data Protection: Encryption, Key Management and Tokenization
FORUM: Upgrading iSeries OS with Secondary Language
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Securing File Transfers… Moving Beyond FTP

Free Webinar on December 2nd, 12 p.m. CST 

The prevalent use of standard FTP has become a huge security risk. It is critical to protect data transfers using secure FTP and other encryption standards. Attend this webinar and learn:

- The advantages and differences between FTPS and SFTP secure protocols
- Authenticating servers using passwords, keys and certificates
- Using OpenPGP and ZIP to encrypt files at rest and on the move
- Generating audit trails…and more!



Feature Article - Security
Wi-Fi Security: Filling in Hole196

The last sentence on page 196 of the 802.11 spec creates a furor.

tom_stockwellWritten by Thomas M. Stockwell

Wi-Fi has a long history of security vulnerabilities and resulting fixes. WEP, TKIP, WPA, and the current standard of WPA2 have brought the technology closer to being secure. Indeed, the pervasiveness of Wi-Fi has changed everything—from how we design computer networks, to where we enjoy our coffee breaks, to how we buy and read our books. Travel in any foreign land, and the first question you'll find yourself asking the natives is "Where is the nearest Wi-Fi?"


Feature Article - Security
Best Practices in Data Protection: Encryption, Key Management and Tokenization

By investing in an integrated data protection solution offering encryption, key manage­ment, and tokenization, users will have the best available insurance against significant business loss.

gary_palgonWritten by Gary Palgon

Editor's Note: This article introduces a white paper titled "Best Practices in Data Protection: Encryption, Key Management and Tokenization." It is available free from the MC Press White Paper Center.


Protecting sensitive and business-critical data is essential to a company's reputation, profitability and business objectives. Companies know they can't afford a data breach—customer churn, loss of business, brand damage, fines and litigation. In today's global market, where business data and personal information know no boundaries, traditional point solutions that protect certain devices or applications against specific risks are insufficient to provide cross-enterprise data security.


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