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November 28, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 22


TOP STORY: Selling Information Governance to the Business
FEATURED ARTICLE: A Visual Guide to Cost-Effective Testing on the iSeries
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Zend Technologies Releases Faster, Leaner Zend Studio 9.0
WHITE PAPER: A Visual Guide to Cost Effective Testing on the iSeries
FORUM: Contract Work in Florida

Feature Article - Database
Selling Information Governance to the Business

Learn how to tackle the challenges of poor data quality, inconsistency of business terms, fragmented view of the customer and product, and security and privacy.

sunil_soaresWritten by Sunil Soares

Editor's note: This article is an excerpt from the book Selling Information Governance to the Business: Best Practices by Industry and Job Function, published by MC Press.


According to the IBM 2009 Global CIO Study, today's CIOs spend an impressive 55 percent of their time on activities that spur innovation. These activities include generating buy-in for innovative plans, implementing new technologies, and managing nontechnological business issues. CIOs spend the remaining 45 percent of their time on essential, more traditional tasks related to managing the ongoing technology environment. This includes reducing IT costs, mitigating enterprise risks, and leveraging automation to lower costs elsewhere in the business.


Feature Article - Programming
A Visual Guide to Cost-Effective Testing on the iSeries

By bringing practical tools and advanced techniques to how you test, the costs and risks associated with testing can be reduced dramatically.

Written by Databorough Services

The following article is an extract from the white paper "A Visual Guide to Cost-Effective Testing on the iSeries," available for download free from the MC White Paper Center.


Managers and developers working with legacy RPG and COBOL applications face serious testing challenges. Few, if any, of these applications have a complete set of specifications of how the applications should perform, and even fewer have a complete library of test cases. Results from over 12,000 software projects show that detecting and removing defects is the single most costly task in software development.


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