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November 7, 2007  |  Volume 6, Issue 20


In This Issue:
SQL Subselect: Soup to Nuts
>> TechTip: RPG Talks to the Desktop
>> Partner TechTip: Track Changes to Remote Data

Feature Article - Programming
SQL Subselect: Soup to Nuts

Are you aware that a single SQL statement can process two or more tables without the tables being joined together?

By Skip Marchesani

Subselect is the capability to embed up to 256 SQL SELECT statements inside a SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, or CREATE TABLE statement without having to do a join of the tables involved, which significantly enhances the power and function of these SQL statements


Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: RPG Talks to the Desktop

Open desktop applications from RPG when the user presses a key in a 5250 session.

by Aaron Bartell


Every so often, I see the mailing lists address the topic of how to automatically open desktop applications from RPG when the user presses a key in a 5250 session. Usually, the need is to open a browser window and deep link into a Web site by passing a long URL string (e.g., The standard answer is to use one of the features in Client Access (i.e., STRPCO or STRPCCMD). While that works in some cases, an alternative approach is to spin your own wool. That's where I come in.


Advertorial - ProData Computer Services, Inc.
%Handling XML-INTO Problems
The %HANDLER BIF associates a user-defined handler procedure with the parser, allowing you to parse the XML document in pieces.

By Jon Paris

In the first article in this series, we looked at the basics of the XML support added to the RPG IV language in V5R4. In this second article, we will continue those explorations and look at some of the additional features of the XML-INTO opcode.


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