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November 7, 2012 | Volume 11 Issue 20


TOP STORY: Practical CL: The 32-Character Solution
FEATURED ARTICLE: How Much Storage Is Left in Your Main Storage Pools?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: inFORM Decisions Continues Expansion with New Professional Services (Consulting) Division
BLOG: Why IBM i?
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: The Top Five RPG Open Access Myths....BUSTED!
EVENT: Why jQuery Should Be Part of Your IBM i Web Development Toolset
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“Within hours, we had a GUI replacement for our 2,000 IBM i green screens” 


Jim Underwood used Presto to web enable

all of Quest Medical’s green screens. He also

globally converted their customized menus

and subfile navigation keys into clickable links and buttons. 


This was all accomplished without changing a single line of RPG or DDS code.

Try Presto and save 15% on orders placed by December 31st. 

Read Jim’s story and try Presto for free.


Programming - CL
Practical CL: The 32-Character Solution

Since the System/38, we've had to deal with the implied 32-byte length of character parameters on the command line; this article provides the workarounds.

joe plutaWritten by Joe Pluta

It doesn't matter where I'm working, how skilled the staff is, whether it's new development or mature legacy systems, it never fails that every couple of years I come across the old (and I do mean old) 32-character limitations on character parameters passed from the command line. It's a simple issue, really, but one that still manages to confound us. It may be the greatest example in our community of how those who cannot learn from history (or steal from those who have!) are doomed to repeat it.


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Simplify IBM i Application Development with Smarter Productivity Tools

Developing applications for your business environment can be a rewarding, if sometimes thankless, task. The tools you help create and maintain make up the foundations of an agile organization. But the blistering pace at which projects and personnel grow and change somehow manage to slow you down.

This report shows you how smarter productivity tools can get your team up to speed. Automated cross-reference and documentation features improve your perspective, reduce redundancy, and satisfy auditors.

Download the free report.


Programming - RPG
How Much Storage Is Left in Your Main Storage Pools?

Learn an easy and efficient way to determine the amount of unallocated main storage.

junlei liWritten by Junlei Li

There's no doubt that knowing the amount of unallocated storage in the main storage pools is important to system operators. But how to do that?


The Work with System Status (WRKSYSSTS) command and the Work with Shared Storage Pools (WRKSHRPOOL) command allow operators to manage main storage pools, but neither of them reports the information we're looking for.


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