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November 9, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 11


TOP STORY: Subfiles and Data Queues: A Perfect Combination
FEATURED NEWS: For the First Time, IBM Brings Together Mainframe and Windows
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Robot/SAVE 12 Organizes, Streamlines, and Speeds up IFS Backups and Restores
WHITE PAPER: Driving IT Value from the Cloud - Creating a Five Phase Roadmap to a Hosted IBM i Cloud
FORUM: Comment on Practical SQL: Three Ways to JOIN
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Feature Article - Programming
Subfiles and Data Queues: A Perfect Combination

Provide your users with everything they've ever wanted in a subfile program.

kevin_vandeverWritten by Kevin Vandever

Editor's Note: This article is an excerpt from the book Subfiles in Free-Format RPG published by MC Press.


If you've ever looked at Program Development Manager (PDM), you might have marveled at what a cool subfile application it is. PDM is extremely flexible. It allows you to move anyplace in a subfile-like panel, page forward or backward from that position, change a record on any page of the subfile, and process all changed records only when the Enter key is pressed. On their own, each of these features is simple to code in an RPG subfile program. The real fun begins, though, when you combine the features.


Featured News
For the First Time, IBM Brings Together Mainframe and Windows

IBM announced this week that technology allowing IBM zEnterprise System users to integrate Microsoft Windows applications into the mainframe environment--an industry first--will become available December 16. The new capability will allow clients with multi-tier applications--for example, Windows applications connected to mainframe data--to be integrated and consolidated on the same system. 


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