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November 9, 2012 | Volume 9 Issue 45


TOP STORY: TechTip: DB2 Web Query and Excel Spreadsheets: Easy as Pie!, Part I
FEATURED ARTICLE: Book Review: IBM i Security: Administration and Compliance
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: New Service from Botz & Associates Implements Single Sign-On in One Day
FORUM: Help! Looking for the CVTRPTRTF Command!
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: 5 Tips for Administering Security in the IFS
EVENT: Ad-Hoc File Transfers -- Easy and Secure
BLOG: Why IBM i?
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Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: DB2 Web Query and Excel Spreadsheets: Easy as Pie!, Part I

Did you know DB2 Web Query has output options to send your reports directly to Excel? Learn about some features that will help you easily and quickly build spreadsheets.

gene cobbWritten by Gene Cobb

The Excel spreadsheet is an immensely popular tool for analyzing business data. It has a vast array of features and functions for manipulating and representing information in various ways to help you understand your business data and make more informed decisions going forward. Consequently,many users and analysts go to great lengths to extract data from their production database and copy it into Excel. If your business data happens to be stored in a DB2 for i database, there's simply no easier way to push this information down to Excel than by using IBM DB2 Web Query for i.


Feature Article - Security
Book Review: IBM i Security: Administration and Compliance

If you have any interest in IBM i security, whether as an administrator, a programmer, or an auditor, then this book is the perfect resource.

robin tatamWritten by Robin Tatam

In this era of legislative and regulatory mandates, computer security has quickly become one of the most popular—and critical—initiatives for organizations of every size and in every business sector. Even those that are not forced to comply with an official directive should consider enhancing their security to ensure protection of their business data assets.


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