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October 1, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 19


In This Issue:
SAP and Oracle Take Positions on Software as a Service
>> Taking the Initiative on Education

Feature Article - Analysis
SAP and Oracle Take Positions on Software as a Service

Since the two vendors disagree about almost everything, is it any surprise that they part ways on this subject? 

While SAP and Oracle may be fighting viciously for the hearts and minds of enterprise application users, there is one part of the market where they will not least for now. This was just one interesting fact that emerged from recent announcements by the two software giants that will affect their customers, not to mention users of the System i. Let's examine those announcements to see what else we can glean from them.



Feature Article - Commentary
Taking the Initiative on Education

The IBM Academic Initiative for System i is building System i skills, enhancing IT programs at colleges and universities, and helping to improve students' lives.

If your outlook on the future of System i ever sours and you feel disheartened as a result, talk to students taking System i courses in colleges and universities. Speak also to recent graduates now working in System i shops. And talk as well to educators teaching a System i–based curriculum. The conversations will brighten your outlook and your day.



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