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October 10, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 19


In This Issue:
Transforming Data in an HA Environment
>> Weaving WebSphere: Installing WebSphere Express 6.1
>> Product Review: Vision replicate1

Feature Article - Application Software
Transforming Data in an HA Environment

New and updated software products help to ensure that data is always available where, when, and how users need it.

Data is the lifeblood of business. Whether you are shipping products, taking orders, managing production, or processing payroll, data keeps the machinery of the economy going. With continually increasing business requirements and government regulations, organizations need to store more data than ever before. However, more data does not necessarily result in more knowledge. For this, you need the right data, at the right time, and in the right format. Paradoxically, the increase in the volume of data makes it more difficult to achieve these objectives as it impedes the search for the important "needles in the haystack" that are critical to the success or failure of business processes.


Feature Article - TechTip
Weaving WebSphere: Installing WebSphere Express 6.1

In this column, we return to our roots with a detailed how-to on installing the latest version of WebSphere Express on System i.

I recently did my very first scratch install of i5/OS. And while IBM provides really good instructions for doing so, the nature of the process is such that a first-timer can get a bit uneasy even when things are going correctly. For example, there were places where the documenter knew that a certain step would take a long time and sort of took it for granted that the installer would be OK with that. Luckily, I ran across Dr. Franken's build log for Frankie III, and he was kind enough to record a couple of places where the installation seemed broken but wasn't. (If you aren't familiar with Dr. Franken or the Frankies—short for FrankenSeries—then you should by all means read some of the stuff on the good doctor's Web site!)


Advertorial - Vision Solutions, Inc.
Product Review: Vision replicate1

Vision replicate1 simplifies the real-time or scheduled sharing of data, including in complex, heterogeneous IT environments.


Over the years, many, if not most, organizations have become saddled with at least a few information silos and incompatible applications. The reasons for this are varied. Rightly or wrongly, the organization decided to buy best-of-breed applications, regardless of the platforms they ran on. Renegade user departments bought their own applications without the oversight of the IT department. Mergers and acquisitions brought together a motley collection of applications, each built on its own database. The list of rationalizations goes on.


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