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October 10, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 19


TOP STORY: The Future of Application Modernization
FEATURED ARTICLE: Assess the Appropriateness of the iSeries/IBM i in Your Business
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: looksoftware Bundles IBM RPG Open Access Free with Products
WHITE PAPER: Assess the Appropriateness of the iSeries/IBM i in My Business
FORUM: Multiple Languages: G Type or O Type?
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Sponsor - Maxava
Maxava offers a FREE download to monitor your IBM i status

Maxava, a global leader in IBM i high availability software, is offering you a FREE download of maxView Lite, a smart and easy way to monitor your IBM I systems – anywhere, anytime.

Visit to see a demo and get your free maxView Lite to monitor your i from:

- iPhone

- iPad

- Blackberry

- Android- PC

Download your FREE copy today!


Apple iPhone and iPad users can download maxView Lite from the official App Store. This is the first time a dedicated IBM i application of this kind has been offered by an HA vendor through the popular marketplace.


Feature Article - Programming
The Future of Application Modernization

It's time to rethink how we develop applications.

david_shireyWritten by David Shirey

"Application modernization" is a pseudo marketing term that is often used when we talk about the future of legacy systems. It pops up a lot these days, and that's fine because many of our business applications were developed 10, 20, even 30 years ago, and it's not hard to believe that they need to be modernized.


Sponsor - Rocket Aldon

Companies now must re-orient their IT efforts to incorporate multiple platforms for diverse software applications. Building a multi-platform development process around the IBM i  is an opportunity for IT to combine the platform’s traditional strengths of reliability and security with newer technologies such as WebSphere, Java and SOA. In this whitepaper you will learn how companies can benefit from a comprehensive ALM system that addresses the added intricacies of multi-platform development.

Download your copy of this important free resource now!


Feature Article - Operating Systems
Assess the Appropriateness of the iSeries/IBM i in Your Business

Learn to evaluate the future viability and potential challenges of IBM i on Power Systems, as well as IBM legacy midrange systems, to determine your organization's strategy for the platform.

Written by Connectria Hosting

The following article is an extract from the white paper "Assess the Appropriateness of the iSeries/IBM i in My Business" available for download free from the MC White Paper Center.


Many organizations are apprehensive about buying or staying with the IBM i (iSeries) due to a perception that it is a dying platform.


"The perception is that it is older technology," says Jeff Lutgen, vice president of IT at Delta Dental of Wisconsin. "You need to look past that when evaluating this platform. We could move to a new system that is thought to be more current, but it may be more prone to downtime, be less efficient, and cost more overall," he says.


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