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October 12, 2012 | Volume 9 Issue 41


TOP STORY: TechTip: Virtualization Made Simple with i-hosting-i
FEATURED ARTICLE: TechTip: Free Database Modernization Diagnostic Utility
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 5 Offers Performance, Usability, and Integration Enhancements
BUYER'S GUIDE: DBXFlex Report Writer / Query Tool
EVENT: IBM DevCon Conference
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Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Virtualization Made Simple with i-hosting-i

Virtualizing has never been easier!

dan boyum and dave snyderWritten by Daniel Boyum and David Snyder

What is i-hosting-i? As the name implies, the i-hosting-i technology is simply an environment where an IBM i partition virtualizes resources for another IBM i partition. The hosting partition is often referred to as the host or server partition, and the hosted partition is typically known as the client partition. The client partition utilizes virtual resources from the host partition and typically has no physical hardware directly assigned to it. The host partition can virtualize the following hardware for the client: disk, tape, optical media, and networking. The client can have a mixture of virtual and physical hardware assigned to it (i.e., the client does not have to be a pure virtual image).


Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Free Database Modernization Diagnostic Utility

Save days of analysis by using this free utility to help gauge the scope and effort involved in migrating your DDS-generated files to SQL DDL.

Written by Resolution Software

By now, almost everyone knows that SQL is the strategic database interface for IBM i. Nearly every DB2 for i enhancement made since V5R1 has been SQL-only, including XML and ROWID data types, automatic key generation with identity columns, OLAP capabilities, column-level and instead-of triggers, autonomic indexes, and self-learning query optimizations.


MC SCBG Featured Product

DBXFlex125x75DBXFlex report writer / query tool extracts data from IBM i, iSeries and AS/400 database files creating custom reports directly to Excel and PDF.



  • Extract data from one or multiple IBM i data files to create custom reports
  • Output directly to Excel, PDF, CSV and print files
  • Perform record and field selection
  • Add calculations, color, sort, justification, date format etc.
  • Runs on any IBM System running IBM OS V5R1 or higher

Standalone module can pre-process spooled files for use by other IBM i software applications.

DBXFlex provides flexibility over legacy reporting allowing users to create reports by accessing the data they want, and outputting to formats they need, delivered by email and archived to network servers. . For a closer look, schedule an online demonstration, or request a free trial


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