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October 19, 2007  |  Volume 4, Issue 42


In This Issue:
TechTip: Integrating CVS and Eclipse
>> And Now, You May Kiss the Robot

Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Integrating CVS and Eclipse

Merge your versioning and your development into a single, user-friendly environment.

Eclipse is a widely used Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting many languages, including Java, PHP, and even C and C++, just to name a few. The word integrated in IDE is very important; it means that Eclipse should not only allow you to write, test, debug, deploy, etc. your code, but it should also allow you to (easily) work on a versioned project with a group of developers.


Feature Article - Commentary
And Now, You May Kiss the Robot

Are humans so in love with technology that our family trees may someday include computers?

I love potato chips. I love them so much that once I open a family-size bag of chips, I have the ability and the desire to empty it in one sitting, one greasy, greedy handful at a time—barbecue, ranch-style, nacho cheese, you name it. Sometimes I'll even put a short halt to my gustatory celebration to admire a chip's shape or size, grunting in Homer Simpson–like appreciation for one that curls back onto itself.


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