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October 19, 2011 | Volume 10 Issue 20


TOP STORY: Using Binding Language with Your Service Programs
FEATURED ARTICLE: The API Corner: The Case of the Missing Stream Files, Part II
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: LANSA Launches Second iPulse Survey
FORUM: Comment on "Practical SQL: Three Ways to JOIN"
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Feature Article - Programming
Using Binding Language with Your Service Programs

Do you know how to recompile your service programs without having to recompile all programs using the service program?

tom_snyderWritten by Tom Snyder

I have to admit that the binding language was a late discovery for me, and I've struggled for quite awhile working around it. But I've found the binding language to solve the problem of having to recompile your service programs without having to recompile all the programs that are using it. Without the binding language, service programs are very similar to modules due to the need to recompile the programs every time they change. This article will show you how to overcome this problem with the use of the binding language.


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Feature Article - Programming
The API Corner: The Case of the Missing Stream Files, Part II

Process the data returned by the QjoRetrieveJournalEntries API.

bruce_viningWritten by Bruce Vining

Last month, in "The Case of the Missing Stream Files," we saw how to call the QjoRetrieveJournalEntries API, documented here, in order to access all journal entries associated with the removal of an IFS link from a directory. The links removed might be *STMFs, *SYMLNKs, *DIRs, etc. As the goal of the project is to determine who removed the links, today we'll look at how to process the results of calling the QjoRetrieveJournalEntries API.


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