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October 26, 2009 | Vol 4 Issue 19


In This Issue:  

Sponsor - Help/Systems

IBM® System i® Data Access Made Easy

• Complete management access to critical data

• Easy to use by IT and end users

• Automated data access and display

• Comprehensive BI package: reports, tables, key performance indicators, and dashboards

• System i-centric for real-time data analysis

• Multiple interface options: graphical, green-screen, browser

• Expert support and training

Meet your System i data access and analysis needs. Click here for a FREE Information Kit!


Feature Article - Security
Spend Your Security Dollars Better by Understanding Threat Frequency

Committing available resources to the threats that occur most often and can cause the greatest damage will allow small enterprises to create better IT security without breaking the bank.

james_quinnWritten by James Quin

Recently, Info-Tech Research Group conducted a survey designed to gauge organizational IT security maturity. A component of the survey involved investigating security incident information, specifically regarding the following threats:


Sponsor - Halcyon Software
Annual software maintenance charges have increased for many Systems i (iSeries) users - hardly a sign of your vendor working in partnership to tackle challenging economic times. Halcyon Software Inc., a specialist provider of monitoring and automation solutions for the System i, is offering a radical cost saving initiative for companies who feel “locked-in” to their current supplier. Discover if you could save up to 50% off your software maintenance bills. View technical webinars for the iSeries

Feature Article - Application Software
Voice Integrations on IBM i: Simple Ways to Automate and Improve Telephone Interactions

Increase your company's bottom line while enhancing service and increasing your competitive profile.

rich_ollariWritten by Rich Ollari

Editor's Note: This article introduces two free resources available to you:

  • "Converging Voice and Business Applications: A Practical Approach," a white paper available from the MC Press White Paper Center  
  • "Smart Voice Integrations on IBM i: How to Innovate, Empower Users and Cut Costs," an accompanying Webinar from the MC Press Webcast Center

Recent technological advances in "voice integration" are enabling small and medium-sized organizations to increase service levels while dramatically decreasing costs.


Advertorial - SkyView Partners, Inc.
Partner TechTip: Setting Authority Is Not a One-Time Event

Don't let your organization's data become inadvertently exposed by changes to your authority scheme.

carol_woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

More organizations are seeing the business requirement to secure critical data. Whether it's human resources information, payroll information, or credit card information, organizations are making the effort to set database access controls to appropriate settings—either "deny by default" (*PUBLIC *EXCLUDE) or "read only" (*PUBLIC *USE).


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