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October 28, 2009 | Vol 4 Issue 16


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Feature Article - Application Software
Is the Sky the Limit with Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is becoming wildly popular. But is it right for your company?

vineet_jainWritten by Vineet Jain

"Cloud computing" has become the latest new "buzz" in the IT world. Old technology is being positioned as "cloud-enabled," and new solutions are popping up as the vanguards of cloud computing. A cloud has been used as a metaphor for the Internet for as long as anyone can remember. However, when the word "computing" is added to "cloud," it takes on a whole new meaning.


In a very broad sense, cloud computing refers to the complete access of resources or computing outside of the local firewall. In a more narrow interpretation, however, cloud computing is the distribution of specific applications and services from dedicated Internet-based virtual servers.


Featured News
Vision Solutions Releases Free System Health Check Tool

Editor's Note: The software mentioned in this article can be downloaded from the MC Software Center.

Ever since the AS/400 days, IBM i and its predecessors have been marketed as business-oriented systems that are easy to administer and manage. That claim is largely accurate. Nevertheless, IBM i is not self-optimizing. Over time, databases need to be reorganized, obsolete files need to be located and archived so they don’t hog storage, and other actions must be taken to maintain peak system performance and avoid unnecessary disk costs.


Advertorial - Bytware
Partner TechTip: Take a Layered Approach to Your Security

Anti-virus software alone will not keep your system secure.

christopher_jonesWritten by Christopher Jones 

In the past, I've talked about protecting your IBM server and environment from malicious code threats. While on the surface this involves guarding against viruses, anti-virus software alone cannot meet all needs. You really need a layered approach.


Key threats that we must guard against include viruses, port-scanning worms, patched programs, hackers from outside, and nefarious insiders. Addressing these requires anti-virus software, network security/access control solutions, and physical security.


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