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October 29, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 21


In This Issue:
Minwin: Microsoft Takes a Very Fresh Approach
>> i5/OS V6R1 Looms on the Horizon

Feature Article - Commentary
Minwin: Microsoft Takes a Very Fresh Approach

With less than a year since Vista's release, Microsoft has tipped its hand for its next client operating system, currently called Windows 7.

Last week, in a presentation to students and faculty at the University of Illinois, Microsoft operating systems designer Eric Traut previewed a new client kernel called Minwin that will be at the base of Microsoft's next operating system, Windows 7.

Minwin is a sleek, one-size-fits-all operating system core that Microsoft wants to get under the skin of personal computing devices.

Scheduled for release in 2010, Windows 7 — which will be built on top of the tiny Minwin kernel — will carry only the baggage it actually needs. To illustrate, Microsoft's Vista OS comes with some 5,000 files, while Minwin requires only about 100. Vista requires 15 GB of disk storage, Minwin only 25 MB, a reduction of over 99 percent. As Windows 7 is built on Minwin, the number of files and system resources will surely grow, but it appears t


Feature Article - Commentary
i5/OS V6R1 Looms on the Horizon

Will it be The Joy of Six (V6, that is) or The Annoy of Six? In all likelihood, the correct answer is: it all depends.

In July, IBM announced that it would deliver a new release of i5/OS, V6R1, sometime in 2008. When in 2008 is not yet clear.

The available list of new features and enhancements is somewhat vague and likely incomplete, but they fall mainly in the areas of encryption, virtualization, integrity, Java support, and Web deployment. An attempt to read the tea leaves left after drinking in the announcement suggests that Web deployment is receiving particular attention.

Should you upgrade to V6R1 when the time comes? You'll have to decide that after the benefits are more fully fleshed out. However, if you're using a particularly old System i machine, it's not even an option unless you also invest in new hardware. V6R1 won't run on older systems. The plan is to support System i POWER5 Models 515, 520, 525, 550, 570, 595 and POWER6 Model 570. Thus, a box

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