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October 31, 2008 | Vol 5 Issue 43


In This Issue:

Feature Article - Networking
TechTip: Map Your Network Drives to the IBM i

Use the IFS and NetServer to safely and securely provide file access to users.

tom_snyder.jpgBy Tom Snyder

The IBM i is an extremely reliable system that is an excellent resource for your company's most crucial information. Many PC-centric applications use critical files that may be stored locally on the client's hard drive. When proper backups are neglected and the client's hard drive fails, you may be left with disastrous results. What better way to provide the most reliable support, backup, and accessibility than to store files on and access files from the IBM i? IBM supports this capability with the IFS in collaboration with NetServer.


Feature Article - Security
Security Professionals and Hackers Team Up Against Criminals

While Internet security breaches have increased noticeably of late, individual dangers are morphing into risks to entire countries.

chris_smith.jpgBy Chris Smith

The profusion of malware and the sophistication of attacks on personal, business, and now state entities seem to be increasing at a rate and level that is difficult even for security professionals to address.


Advertorial - Oasis Software International
Partner TechTip: Creating Multilingual Software Doesn't Have to Be Scary

Don't be effrayé. Making your software multilingual is easier than you think.

By Tom Wallin

Have you avoided making your software multilingual because you don't have the budget or people power? Does the task seem too daunting?  


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