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October 7, 2011 | Volume 8 Issue 40


TOP STORY: The CL Corner: Getting Additional IFS File Information
FEATURED ARTICLE: Take the First Step Toward Optimizing Your System with iSCORE
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Solve Business Issues with an Easy-to-Use BI and Enterprise Reporting Solution
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: looksoftware Bundles IBM RPG Open Access Free with Products
FORUM: Comment on "Practical SQL: Three Ways to JOIN"
TRIAL SOFTWARE: Know Your iSCORE™! See the health of your IBM i with this FREE software!
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Barcode400 Labeling Software makes it easy for IBM i users to design and print labels in minutes.

T.L. Ashford has over 28 years of experience in software development and backs that commitment with a highly qualified technical support team.

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Feature Article - Programming
The CL Corner: Getting Additional IFS File Information

Let's look at some additional stat APIs.

bruce_viningWritten by Bruce Vining

In last month's column, "Dependency and Validity-Checking of Command Parameters," we looked at how a validity-checking program could be used to detect the use of conflicting parameter values when running the USEDIRPGM command. It had been my intent for this month's column to continue that discussion of validity-checking programs. However, some readers of this column have encountered a problem with the USEDIRPGM command processing program (CPP), so I'm moving up a topic that I had not planned on discussing for a while yet.


Feature Article - System Administration
Take the First Step Toward Optimizing Your System with iSCORE

The freeware from Vision Solutions measures 10 system performance and database indices, including available DASD.

chris_smithWritten by Chris Smith

If the thought ever crossed your mind that you are spending far too much time optimizing your System i, then you're not alone. More than three quarters of those who currently do system optimization manually would prefer to have an automated optimization solution do it for them. About a third of system administrators who tune an IBM i today use native operating system commands, and an equal number run customized scripts to get the job done.


Advertorial - SEQUEL
Partner TechTip: Solve Business Issues with an Easy-to-Use BI and Enterprise Reporting Solution

Is your business intelligence solution difficult to implement and use?

floyd_delmuroWritten by Floyd Del Muro

Are your reports out of date, and is your report request backlog growing? Do your business intelligence (BI) people spend most of their time redefining data to make your solution work? Does your technical team spend hours installing program fixes? Does your BI solution work with only one database? Is it too complicated for end users to write inquiries? Do you have to pay more to do more? Is your BI solution meeting your needs?


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