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October 8, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 18


In This Issue:
Round-the-Clock Business Information System Management
>> Lotus Symphony Directly Targets Microsoft


Feature Article - Application Software
Round-the-Clock Business Information System Management

New and updated software alternatives make 24x7 system availability and management an affordable option for a much wider range of organizations.

Fortune 500 companies that measure revenues in the billions, some with three digits to the left of the decimal point, and profits as high as double-digit billions can easily cost-justify large, multi-shift IT staffs to manage their business information systems around the clock. They can also afford to invest in high availability (HA) hardware and software to ensure that their data and applications are accessible 24x7, without exception.

That's fine for the largest of enterprises, but what about smaller businesses? How can they afford to compete against the big guys when it comes to managing round-the-clock information systems and ensuring unfailing data and application availability? Until recently, they couldn't, but the economics are changing. Round-the-clock business information systems management and HA are now afford


Feature Article - Application Software
Lotus Symphony Directly Targets Microsoft

Can the IBM magic that launched Eclipse into the stratosphere strike again in the office automation arena?

I promise I will do everything I can to avoid the musical allusions. It's much too easy to dredge up phrases like "music to my ears" or " cleverly orchestrated" when dealing with a product called Symphony. The good news is that I really don't have to use contrived techniques; the product itself presents plenty to talk about.

This is going to be something of a comparison between Symphony and Office, but be forewarned: Not only am I a green-screen dinosaur in the midrange world, but I'm also something of a Luddite in the desktop as well. Not only am I using Windows rather than Linux or a Mac, but I am using Windows XP and Office 2003 (I also drive a gas-burning car and use incandescent bulbs in many of my fixtures). So those of you using Office 2007 on Vista, please feel free to chime in when one of my comments is outdated because of my technological backwa


Advertorial - Vision Solutions, Inc.
Product Review: Vision Solutions' Data Manager

Data Manager reduces storage costs and improves application and infrastructure software performance by archiving obsolete data.


Data Manager, from Vision Solutions, is a sophisticated archiving tool that can help companies tame their increasingly unruly, mammoth databases. The issue that Data Manager addresses arises because databases tend to grow relentlessly as companies both expand the types of information they store and, more importantly, continue to record transactions and other records without deleting old data—no matter how obsolete that data may become.

The last time many organizations extensively culled old data from their databases was when they undertook Y2K remedial actions more than seven years ago. Furthermore, because prudently proactive companies began Y2K remediation projects early, considerable data that is even more ancient than that may sit in their databases as an unwanted consequence of their judicious efforts.



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