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Friday, 31 January 2014 11:08

 BCD announces the release of Presto 5.1, their rapid green screen web enablement and modernization tool.

This interim release includes new features that allow you to make your web-enabled screens look and behave even more like modern web pages. For example, you can now optionally replace menu numbers with images. By default, Presto automatically makes menus clickable but this enhancement allows you to make your Presto menus look even less like green screen menus. You can also override the default green screen field tabbing order with a flow that is more natural to a web page.

The Visual Editor now includes a keyboard shortcut that enables you to simultaneously align several elements to the same margin in any direction. This makes it quicker to give screen elements a uniform look.

Presto’s mobile support continues to advance. This version includes improvements to how pages are rendered in tablets and smartphones. BCD has updated the header bar and removed containers to give Presto’s new skins, which were introduced in a version 5.0, a more mobile look and feel.

BCD And Quadrant Software
About the Author:

BCD is a Quadrant Software company and one of the most successful software organizations in the IBM i marketplace. The companies have a combined 60 years in the IBM i marketplace and have successfully helped thousands of organizations worldwide modernize. Together, Quadrant and BCD help customers maximize their investment in IBM i with their industry leading web development, mobilization, spool file beautification and document distribution tools. Their customers and partners around the world are leaders in key markets such as finance, manufacturing, transportation, retail and healthcare.
Quadrant and BCD are part of the Quadrant group of companies that also includes Netlert, which develops an Avaya call center performance analysis solution, and SoftBase, which provides application testing and tuning solutions for IBM's DB2 database utilizing the OS/390 and z/OS operating systems.
For more information, please visit http://www.bcdsoftware.com
and http://www.quadrantsoftware.com.

To find out more about BCD Software and its products see their listings in the MC Showcase Buyer's Guide


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