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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 10:00

PlanetJ's Web Object Wizard, "WOW", is a web application development solution that you can use to create fully-featured, sophisticated web applications over your own data in minutes. WOW is packed with the features you need to easily produce complex and powerful applications – no programming knowledge necessary.


WOW 7.0.02 contains great new enhancements and user requested changes. These new enhancements provide for additional functionality while making web development easier. This new release also supplies the required components necessary for supporting a major upcoming product add-on product for creating Mobile Applications, to be announced within the next 30 days.


This new release is available to those developing with WOW Enterprise, Professional and the free Community Edition. The upgrade contains new features (6), enhancements (21), changes (9) and fixes (15).


Current users will want to update soon to experience the latest and greatest features as listed in the release notes:


WOW 7.0.02 is the newest member of PlanetJ's award winning web-based rapid application development (RAD) family of products. WOW developers use a "point and click" approach to identify their database files and WOW instantly generates the application including features such as dynamic prompting, summary to detail drill downs, and single click export to Microsoft Excel. WOW's hot deployment technology makes applications available to users via a simple URL.


Long time IBM tools executive John Quarantello wrote, "PlanetJ's webinar on WOW was one of the best presentations and demos I've seen from an iSeries Tools partner". WOW is IBM Server Proven and executes on top of Apache Tomcat or IBM WebSphere. With the ability to create applications in as little as 5 minutes, hundreds of WOW powered applications have already been developed and deployed.


Along with video tutorials and comprehensive documentation provided by PlanetJ, users will be able to modernize and create new IBM i web applications that leverage their existing databases and RPG programming skills. WOW developers can also build applications that access information stored in MySQL, Microsoft Sequel Server, Oracle or any other JDBC compliant databases.


"It is our goal to help all IBM i businesses modernize and develop leading edge applications that utilize their existing investments in the IBM i - without breaking the budget. With these latest enhancements, WOW users will be amazed at how easy that is."

~Paul Holm, WOW Product Architect, PlanetJ Corporation.


To get started, users can view a 20 minute demonstration video at:


To download WOW Community Edition 7.0.02 for free visit:


More information can be found at PlanetJ's website -


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PlanetJ was founded in 1998 in Rochester, Minnesota. PlanetJ is now headquartered in San Diego, CA with consulting branches in Rochester, MN; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; and Detroit, MI. The staff is made up of Java and Web developers specializing in rapid Web application development. Many of the team are ex-IBMers and had worked in the Rochester, MN plant for years. PlanetJ has done extensive work with some very well known companies including banks, trucking firms, electronics companies, and printer and barcode businesses. PlanetJ also has a great deal of experience connecting iSeries data to the Web in the most cost effective, efficient way possible.

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