Figure 10: Fruitclient.php uses a few SOAP commands (near the top) to get data from fruitserver.php.

Step 4: Run the WSDL Generator Wizard from the Tools menu, as shown in Figures 11 to 17.

Figure 11: The WSDL Generator Wizard creates a configuration.

Figure 12: Select PHP files to analyze.

Figure 13: Point the Wizard to fruitserver.php, where our service function resides.

Figure 14: The WSDL generator reports its intention before creating the WSDL.

Figure 15: The WSDL file was created.

I was glad I didn't have to create fruitfacts.wsdl by hand (Figure 16).






                  This class describes a fruit-fact provider: It provides 

information about common fruits.
                        Return the apple's name based on color.









Figure 16: Fruitfacts.wsdl defines the services offered by fruitserver.php.

Now we run our SOAP client in a browser. It accesses WSDL and the SOAP server, retrieving our apple varieties (Figure 17).

Figure 17: The client, the server, and the WSDL file work together.

Probable Schedule of Zend Releases for i5/OS

According to Andi Gutmans and Michael Pinette, Zend's releases for System i will be as follows:

Zend's Releases for System i
early July 2006
Zend Core, Zend Studio
Version 2 beta
end of July 2006
Zend Core, Zend Studio using PHP V5.1.4. Free for System i users.
3rd quarter 2006
Zend Guard to encode PHP. Good for security and retaining intellectual property. Useful for independent software vendors (ISVs). Cost to be announced.
late August 2006
Zend Platform, Zend's flagship product for the enterprise, with acceleration, caching, performance monitoring, and Java Bridge. Cost to be announced.
end of 2006
Zend Framework, which further speeds application development with standard architecture.
still in discussion
Watch the Zend for i5/OS forums for news

Figure 19: Zend is steadily providing all its products to IBM System i.

A New Approach to System i Web Development

In porting PHP to System i, IBM and Zend have given the community a powerful, low-risk approach to Web development. Developers who use PHP strengthen the platform while mastering technology that can run almost anywhere. PHP re-energizes System i with advanced capabilities for the Web that are easy to use. The advantages of System i—reliability, virtualization, scalability—remain.


Zend for i5/OS
Zend for i5/OS Discussion Forums (Core and Studio at this time)
Zend Forums for all platforms and products

•"IBM DB2 Universal Database, Cloudscape, and Apache Derby" by Dan Scott (PDF)

Zend Developer Zone
Zend Framework (currently in preview but reportedly stable and worth trying)

• Charts and Graphs in PHP: PHP/SWF Charts, JpGraph, PHP SOAP Extension

Alan Seiden is a consultant and developer at a northern New Jersey IT firm, where he enjoys his role as a creative software catalyst for clients. Alan is vice president of the New York City Usability Professionals Association. Email:

Alan Seiden
About the Author:

Alan Seiden, an authority on PHP development with IBM i, helps his clients achieve best practices and top performance when combining PHP, Zend Framework, IBM i, RPG, and DB2. He was one of the first Zend Framework certified engineers, later co-founding the NYC Zend Framework Meetup. Alan was a charter member of IBM/COMMON's PHP Advisory Board and a consultant for IBM's manual PHP: Zend Core for i5/OS. An award-winning speaker, Alan is project manager of Zend's open-source PHP Toolkit for IBM i and a Zend Reseller Partner. As a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, Alan also gives workshops on reducing the physical stress of computing. Contact him at Alan Seiden Consulting, Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J., | | @alanseiden

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