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September 14, 2016 | Volume 5 Issue 9


LEAD ARTICLE: A Strategy to Marry an iPhone App with Your IBMi/iSeries
FEATURED ARTICLE: Native Mobile Apps: The Wrong Choice for Business?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Maximo Anywhere V7.6.1
MC WEBCAST: IBM i War Stories from the Front Line
EVENT: Three Ways to Future-Proof Your Electronic Forms

Sponsor - ASNA

ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) empowers RPG programming to integrate your IBM i data and applications harmoniously with your other applications and platforms. With AVR your RPG programmers can build great Windows programs, scalable and performant Web apps, and SOAP and Restful Web services. AVR provides secure connectivity to both the IBM i and MS SQL Server and works with all popular open source tools such as Git, jQuery, Bootstrap/Zurb Foundation, and Backbone. AVR is an IBM i Swiss Army Knife!


Feature Article - Networking
A Strategy to Marry an iPhone App with Your IBMi/iSeries

For those of you who know any OO language, your hurdle is minimal.

richard lombardiWritten by Richard Lombardi

You have some knowledge of Internet programming (web pages/JavaScript/services), but you’re not an expert at it. Object-oriented (OO) languages such as Java or C# are not strange to youbut, again, not your expertise. However, you want an iPhone app to talk to the IBMi/iSeries. You want to do this yourself, not depend on open-source or someone else’s tool. This article is for you. Your hurdle is not as high as you think. And when you master this, you will understand some of the ideas of how I plan to automate these processes.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

Can’t wait? The wait is over…It’s finally here! The latest update to the classic IBM i security reference is now available. Fully secure your IBM i applications and data with help from security guru Carol Woodbury. Written in a clear, jargon-free style, you’ll learn why it’s vital to develop a security policy and how to implement and maintain such a system. You’ll also get expert advice for tackling today’s security threats. This new release is updated for the latest version of the IBM i operating system. Get your copy today!


Feature Article - Networking
Native Mobile Apps: The Wrong Choice for Business?

Why businesses should think twice before building native mobile applications.

Written by mrc

Native mobile applications are popular with consumers, but do their advantages translate to businesses? This white paper explores each mobile app option and explains why businesses should think twice before taking the native approach. To understand why, we must first outline each mobile app development option.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

Get the latest and greatest advice from the DB2 for z/OS gurus! DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics, and Mobile provides essential advice and explanations to ensure a successful upgrade--including feedback from early customer experiences. This book describes new DB2 11 features that can help you respond cost-effectively to the data explosion resulting from mobile applications, cloud computing, social media, and smart devices. Understand the new functions in DB2 11, plan your migration strategy, and learn about important new support for application compatibility. Get your copy today!


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7 Habits of Highly Secure Organizations

Everyone knows that cybersecurity is important, but getting started on the road to data protection and compliance can be confusing and intimidating. Understanding common vulnerabilities helps you focus your attention and resources on the areas that need the most help.

We all want “best-practice” security, but what are top organizations doing to achieve and maintain it?

Watch this webinar to learn the details about how to develop the seven habits that are part of daily life for secure organizations. You’ll learn how to:

  • Break the Ostrich Syndrome
  • Develop a Security Policy
  • Assess Current Standing
  • Perform Security Event Logging and Review
  • Use “Best of Breed” Technologies
  • Monitor for Ongoing Compliance
  • Plan for the Future

This on-demand webinar examines what each of these habits means to IBM i, and helps you make sure that you don’t become the next security statistic.


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IBM i War Stories from the Front Line


IBM i is great at managing varied workloads—the OS offers many built-in work management and system utilities to aid administration.

But greater customization is sometimes necessary in the line of duty.

Halcyon has built upon these utilities to deliver a number of advanced functions designed for you to take control of all of your day-to-day IBM i activities.

During this on-demand webinar, our experts will demonstrate some of Halcyon’s capabilities and describe real-life scenarios that highlight how you can:

  • Reduce your alerting footprint by implementing leading-edge monitoring techniques
  • Identify both organic growth and spikes in disk space utilization
  • Automate time-consuming housekeeping tasks
  • Take advantage of the powerful IBM i Services
  • Automate literally anything

Set your sights on having the right monitoring solution, no matter what comes your way. Watch the recording today!


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Multi-Platform Application Monitoring


Make Application Monitoring Easy Across the IBM i, Windows, AIX, and Linux Platforms in Your Environment

IT departments are constantly bombarded by information from a wide variety of operating systems, business applications, and critical processes. At the same time, the department must support a complex array of servers and devices running across their entire network.
With limited resources and the need to keep costs in check, more and more is expected of operational staff to handle this information efficiently.

In this 45-minute recorded webinar, we’ll dissect complex systems monitoring by introducing best practices and smart techniques that will help you:

  • Ensure vital business applications run smoothly and without disruption
  • Respond swiftly and with appropriate actions
  • Confirm that essential data is received at the right time
  • Prove service levels are maintained
  • Keep contingency and high availability strategies fully operational


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Profound UI: Unlock True Modernization from your IBM i Enterprise


Modern, web-based applications can make your Enterprise more efficient, connected and engaged. This session will demonstrate how the Profound UI framework is the best and most native way to convert your existing RPG applications and develop new modern applications for your business. Additionally, you will learn how you can address modernization across your Enterprise, including databases and legacy source code, with Profound Logic.

We will demonstrate how Profound UI:

  • Goes beyond simple screen-scraping to truly modernize your RPG applications
  • Uses RPG Open Access and your own RPG code and development talent to modernize
  • Supports rapid development with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Designer
  • Integrates with our on-the-fly modernization, mobile development, and Enterprise Modernization solutions

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