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May 27, 2015 | Volume 4 Issue 3


TOP STORY: Get Moving with Mobile Apps Using Cordova, Part 1
FEATURED ARTICLE: TechTip: Send Mobile Messages from Your IBM i and Windows Applications
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Tango/04 and REAL Solutions: New Partnership in Luxembourg
MC PRESS BOOKSTORE: Top Selling Titles
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Introduction to Configuring iAccess Servers to use SSL

Sponsor - ASNA

ASNA Mobile RPG empowers RPG programmers to create great IBM i-driven smartphone and tablet mobile apps with nothing but plain ol’ RPG. Programmers don’t need to learn obtuse languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Java or Objective C. The only skills required to create superb mobile applications with Mobile RPG are traditional RPG coding skills—period! These applications feature secure and fast read/write access to your IBM i database and provide game-changing possibilities for your business. Learn more today!


Feature Article - Networking
Get Moving with Mobile Apps Using Cordova, Part 1

Cordova makes the move to mobile application development an easy one.

jeff olenWritten by Jeff Olen

Have you been wondering if you have the programming chops to build an iPhone and/or Android app to interact with your IBM i data? Well, I've got good news for you. You almost certainly do. Apache Cordova makes building the mobile app itself really easy for anyone with a bit of HTML and JavaScript knowledge. Integrating AJAX calls to send and receive data from your IBM i (or other database server) is only slightly more involved.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

Have you heard? RPG is now fully free-format! This latest edition from RPG expert Jim Martin is your one-stop resource for free-format information. It’s a must-read for all RPG programmers, featuring completely updated code. See the new H, F, D and P specs in action in this easy-to-use reference guide. You’ll learn rules and syntax but also grasp how this modern style of coding can improve your overall productivity--from initial development through maintenance. Get your copy today!


Feature Article - Networking
TechTip: Send Mobile Messages from Your IBM i and Windows Applications

New Push4Servers offers plug-and-play ease; free Community Edition supports up to 10 users.

serge charbitWritten by Serge Charbit

Each day, wherever we go, a continual stream of information follows usfrom colleagues, family, friends, the media, social networks, and more. So why do we have to stay physically connected to our business systems to know when important new data is available from our servers or applications?


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

Get the latest and greatest advice from the DB2 for z/OS gurus! DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics, and Mobile provides essential advice and explanations to ensure a successful upgrade--including feedback from early customer experiences. This book describes new DB2 11 features that can help you respond cost-effectively to the data explosion resulting from mobile applications, cloud computing, social media, and smart devices. Understand the new functions in DB2 11, plan your migration strategy, and learn about important new support for application compatibility. Get your copy today!


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  10. DB2 10.1 Fundamentals (Exam 610)


MC Video Portal

MC Video Portal

Introduction to Configuring iAccess Servers to use SSL


Due to popular demand, Carol has updated her presentation on configuring iAccess to use SSL sessions to include, not just the step-by-step configuration guidance but also a discussion on the benefits and challenges of using certificates from a well-known CA (Certificate Authority) vs a self-signed certificate as well as practical tips for enterprise implementation.


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