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May 13, 2015 | Volume 10 Issue 5


TOP STORY:  Sending Messages on IBM i, Part 1
FEATURED NEWS: Strategic Partnership Brings the Power of CLOUDFAX400 and IMPSCLOUD.COM Technology to the IBM Cloud
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Kisco Announces Two Factor Authentication Tool for IBM i
TRIAL SOFTWARE: Auditing Tool with Built-in Reports for SOX, PCI Compliance
EVENT: The Importance of VIOS and How to Achieve Watertight Integrated Monitoring
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Introduction to Configuring iAccess Servers to use SSL

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Feature Article - Programming
Sending Messages on IBM i, Part 1

Messages serve many purposes: to provide information, to ask a question and request a reply, and to solicit some action on the recipient's part.

Written by Jim Buck, Bryan Meyers, and Dan Riehl

Editor's note: This article is an excerpt from Chapter 16, "Advanced Message Handling," of Control Language Programming for IBM i.


Understanding how messages work is an important part of writing good CL programs. In fact, without at least a basic understanding of messages, your CL programs will be error-prone and, in many cases, unreliable.


IBM i is driven by messages. Messages are used for a multitude of different purposes, including initiating jobs, executing commands, communicating between programs, signaling error conditions, letting users communicate with each other, and letting jobs communicate with users.


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Become a CL Master. Whether you are a novice programmer who needs to get up to speed on the ins and outs of CL or an experienced professional looking for a daily CL reference, this comprehensive book is the guide you need. Available in both hard copy and eBook formats. Click now for a free chapter or to learn more. >>


Featured News
Strategic Partnership Brings the Power of CLOUDFAX400 and IMPSCLOUD.COM Technology to the IBM Cloud

International Presence Limited announces a strategic partnership with IBM that brings the power of their CloudFAX400 and technology to the IBM Cloud marketplace.


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An old dog can learn new tricks! Flexible Input, Dazzling Output with IBM i is full of clever ways to get data into your IBM i system, as well as new techniques to export and present this data in a modern, business-friendly manner. No more boring spreadsheets or ugly printouts! Your DB2 data will look great in program-generated spreadsheets and browser-based, interactive charts. Whether you’re an old dog or not, you’ll get the most out of your ILE RPG programs with the open source, free tools in this smart new release! Order your copy today!


MC Software Center

Auditing Tool with Built-in Reports for SOX, PCI Compliance

PowerTech Compliance Monitor simplifies the task of audit reporting. It comes with a set of reports for SOX, PCI, and even MICS gaming standards.

IBM i's audit journal is often so large and cryptic, that most IT staff struggle to review the logged activity.
Compliance Monitor analyzes your audit data across multiple systems and displays the exceptions to policy with remediation tips—all from your web browser! You can generate reports as PDF or Excel files.

Need custom reporting? Compliance Monitor’s flexible filters allow you to generate reports on any audit data you need—from system configuration to user activity.

Streamline your audit reports. Try Compliance Monitor free for 30 days.



The following trial software can also be found at the MC Press Software Center.


ACO MONITOR manages your IBM i 24-hours a day and notifies you immediately when your IBM i needs assistance!  

Auditing Tool with Built-in Reports for SOX, PCI Compliance 

Backup and Recovery on IBM i: Your Strategy for the Unexpected 

Control and Monitor User Access from Desktop PCs (ODBC, FTP)

Easiest Way to Save Money? Stop Printing IBM i Reports 

Electronic Forms: Free Trial Software – No Obligation

Free Trial of INPRO's TimeZoNe/400 (TimeZoNe Simulation Utility)

Free Trial of Linoma's Field and Backup Encryption Software Crypto Complete

Free Trial of Linoma's Managed File Transfer Software GoAnywhere

Hassle-Free IBM i Operations around the Clock 

Manage IBM i Messages by Exception with Robot

Query, Reporting & Analytics for IBM i: Free Trial 

Real-Time Message Monitoring and Notification for IBM i

Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Reporting for IBM i

Report Distribution: Free Trial Software – No Obligation

Try the Most Powerful Anti-Virus Protection for IBM i for Free! 

Try the one package that solves all your document design and printing challenges on all your platforms

*ALLOBJ and not afraid to use it? Privileged user management is here

*MS Office Connector for Query/400...FREE Trial!


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MC Video Portal

MC Video Portal

Introduction to Configuring iAccess Servers to use SSL

Due to popular demand, Carol has updated her presentation on configuring iAccess to use SSL sessions to include, not just the step-by-step configuration guidance but also a discussion on the benefits and challenges of using certificates from a well-known CA (Certificate Authority) vs a self-signed certificate as well as practical tips for enterprise implementation.