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April 14, 2014 | Volume 9 Issue 7


TOP STORY: Are You Meeting the PCI DSS Security Standards?
FEATURED ARTICLE: ACO MONITOR: Managing Your IBM i Using Wireless Devices
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Comodo Advises Patch to Run the Latest Version of OpenSSL in Light of "Heartbleed" Vulnerability
WHITE PAPER:Virus Got You Down?
EVENT:OCEAN User Group Meeting

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Feature Article - Security
Are You Meeting the PCI DSS Security Standards?

Don’t take the requirements lightly; the cost of non-compliance could be very steep.

ira chandlerWritten by Ira Chandler

Acceptance of debit and credit cards is a growing requirement for businesses of all sizes. Since 2005, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI) has imposed strict mandates, the Data Security Standards (DSS), to ensure the security of the computer systems that process, transmit, and/or store sensitive credit card data.


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Take the next step with PHP! Expand your knowledge and understanding of this essential programming language with the latest book from PHP guru Kevin Schroeder: Advanced Guide to PHP on IBM i. Master important PHP topics such as debugging, test-driven development, web-based development, advanced object-oriented programming, and web security. You’ll also get an in-depth look at the new PHP Toolkit for IBM i provided by Zend Technologies. Don’t delay; get started today on building your understanding and skill level with this example-packed, accessible book. Order today! 


Feature Article - System Administration
ACO MONITOR: Managing Your IBM i Using Wireless Devices

Read on for an in-depth review of the native IBM i technology and ACO MONITOR's advanced two-way messaging features to remotely manage your IBM i while in or away from the office.

Written by DDL Systems, Inc.

Editor's Note: This article introduces the white paper "Automate IBM i Operations Using Wireless Devices" available free from the MC White Paper Center.


Managing the complexities of today's operating systems, business applications, and networks challenges even the most knowledgeable IT professionals. The cost to an enterprise of unplanned downtime, loss of human expertise during sick leave or vacation, and system/application or environmental failure can be devastating. Today's systems management applications monitor all critical tasks and make increasing use of your existing expertise and technology to maximize system availability, improve productivity, and increase customer service.


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The Essential Guide to Security. In this practical and highly readable guide--an update to her acclaimed IBM i & i5/OS Security & Compliance: A Practical Guide--security expert Carol Woodbury explains IBM i security and the way it functions within IBM i systems. Whether you’re new to IBM i or a seasoned veteran, this book contains the critical information and explanations you need to successfully maintain a secure system. Get your copy today. >>


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Virus Got You Down?

Does a virus have your server down? Perhaps it’s the latest worm, Trojan horse, buffer overflow or denial of service attack that’s got you or one of your servers down. While one of these bugs may be affecting one or more of your servers in your enterprise, it is highly unlikely that the server affected is a Power server running IBM i. IBM i may be running your core business applications or it may be hosting your web site or running Domino. Whatever its function within your enterprise IBM i has remained unaffected by virus and malware attacks. Why is that?

Viruses and other ailments spread by infecting a host that is vulnerable. Let’s take a look at how IBM i and the applications running on it can remain unscathed by the viruses and malware that are so prevalent today. In this white paper, Carol Woodbury of SkyView Partners defines each “ailment” and then describe the defenses and protection mechanisms provided by IBM i to ward off the attack.

Download this important White Paper today! 


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The Rise and Implications of Cyber Insurance Policies

Posted in Security on February 21st, 2014 by Robin – Be the first to Comment



The surge in data breaches and cyber attacks over the past few years has spurred organizations to cast a wider net when it comes to security. In particular, they are more keen to purchase cyber insurance policies that cover a comprehensive range of liabilities, including malware-infected mainframes, distributed denial of service attacks, and other issues that could trigger unplanned downtime.


One of the most telling revelations of the holiday breach at Target was that the retailer had purchased at least $100 million worth of cyber insurance. The incident exposed data on as many as 70 million payment card accounts, but Target’s insurance purchases could be a sign of things to come. Going forward, more organizations may sign up for policies as insurers get better at quantifying breach risks and IT departments seek an additional layer of protection to cover key assets.