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September 22, 2014 | Volume 9 Issue 17


TOP STORY: An Intimate Conversation About 5250 Emulation
FEATURED ARTICLE: The Top 10 Job Scheduling Challenges and How to Solve Them 
 • NEWS HIGHLIGHT: New SP4i-Push Sends IBM i Notifications Instantly to iOS and Android Devices
WHITE PAPER:Getting Maximum Value from your Software Maintenance Agreement
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities of IBM i Security Configuration     
MC INDUSTRY BLOGS: Possible Hackability of Boeing 777 Illustrates Vulnerability of Integrated Systems
EVENT: IBM i before and after: See how a non-programmer gave his green screens a web GUI


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ASNA Wings® is the fastest, easiest way to provide a browser UI for your RPG applications. It lets you quickly give your users the user experience they desire, with no disruptive changes to your RPG programming logic. Wings also includes ASNA’s browser based emulator Browser Terminal (BTerm), to display those programs you don’t want (or can’t) modernize so you can integrate easily with legacy apps. Give your RPG applications the user interface they deserve with ASNA Wings.


Feature Article - Networking
An Intimate Conversation About 5250 Emulation

Like an old friend who never seems to go home, emulation is always with us, enabling us to connect our new-fangled computer devices to an i that wasn't really designed for that type of connection.

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

We don't think about emulation much, but without it, where would we be?


Back in the olden days, connecting to the i was easy. You just ran some Twinax under the floor or through the walls and straight up to the back of your computer. The cabling was inconvenient because it limited your ability to rearrange your office unless you were adroit enough to not trip over wires running out in the open.


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October 1, 2014 | 10:30-11:30 PDT

San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) needed a more efficient way to support their service coordinators in the field, but wanted to maintain their trusted RPG business application. The answer: mobile applications!

Discover the positive impact mobile applications can have on your workforce! Attend this Webinar and find out how Profound UI helped SDRC:

  • Create intuitive, modern mobile apps
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Feature Article - Programming
The Top 10 Job Scheduling Challenges and How to Solve Them

It's likely additional resources won't become available to oversee Power Systems operations, so "work smarter, not harder" may be the catchword of the day—in short, automation.

martin_normanWritten by Martin Norman

Editor's note: This article introduces the white paper "The Top Ten Job Scheduling Challenges and How to Solve Them" available free at the MC White Paper Center.


The last 10 years have been tough for organizations the world around. When it comes to a recession, everyone is forced to do more with less. But at the same time, companies still need to move forward at a frenetic pace—just to maintain a competitive advantage through the recession and beyond. It is this enhanced speed at which the business must operate that creates a new level of resource challenges to address, often with no time to waste. It's no wonder that "work smarter, not harder" has become the hallmark of modern business.


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MC White Paper Center


Getting Maximum Value from your Software Maintenance Agreement

Most IT Managers must question at one time or another ? what exactly they are getting for their money from a software maintenance agreement?
Beyond ‘corrective maintenance’ what should you expect from a software vendor in today’s world to ensure the software is constantly moving in a direction which benefits your business?
Lorraine Cousins, CEO of Halcyon Software, discusses why some companies see their maintenance agreement as a way of getting new features with tangible business benefits while others regard it as insurance to protect against the risk of software malfunction.
Discover how to benchmark current and future software vendors to make sure your organization is getting the maximum value from your software maintenance agreement.



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MC Video Portal

MC Video Portal

Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities of IBM i Security Configuration

In this Webinar:  SkyView Partners has been performing security assessments for the IBM i community for over 12 years. Based on the findings of these assessments, Carol Woodbury will present the Top 10 vulnerabilities found in IBM i security configurations. She will talk about each issue, making sure to describe how the vulnerability poses risk to your data. In addition, her discussion will include the prevalence of these issues, how to assess the risk of these issues as they pertain to your environment and options for addressing the vulnerabilities.


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Possible hackability of Boeing 777 illustrates vulnerability of integrated systems

Posted in News, Security on June 6th, 2014 by Robin – Be the first to comment


The March 2014 disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has renewed old concerns about the security of aircraft with embedded systems, such as the Boeing 777. While the exact causes of the plane’s demise have not been determined yet, security experts have taken the opportunity to point out that cyberattacks could exploit the features of advanced airliners and lead to similar incidents in the future.