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May 18, 2016 | Volume 15 Issue 10


LEAD ARTICLE: What IBM i Execs Should Know, Part 1
FEATURED ARTICLE: Book Review: Programming in ILE RPG, Fifth Edition
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: CNX Announces General Release of Valence 5
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Who’s Afraid of Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS? Not i.
EVENT: Save 5 Hours a Day by Integrating RPG to Excel & SQL Server


Sponsor - Quadrant Software

Beyond the Spool File: Modernizing IBM i Documents for Today's Digital Needs

Learn to quickly modernize forms, checks and labels with Quadrant's Formtastic for a fast ROI.

You'll learn how to:
Create dynamic graphical overlays
Automate distribution as PDF
Provide users with secure web-access
Import/transform your existing forms

You'll also learn about ERP integration, secure signature capture, barcode insertion including QR and automating ACH payments.

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Feature Article - Operating System
What IBM i Execs Should Know, Part 1

In “What IBM i Execs Don’t Know,” my tone was a tad antagonistic. But now the air is warmer, spring is finally here, and I’m much, much better. So let’s approach things a bit more positively, shall we?

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

I’ll willingly agree that the last column I wrote was just a bit on the negative side. In fact, I really expected to be taken to task for being too hard on poor IBM i IT management.


But, like most things, I was wrong…about being taken to task, that is. As it turned out, everyone who commented agreed with me, and nobody seemed to feel too sorry for IT management as a group.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

This ain’t your mama’s RPG! Time to move on from OPM—with Evolve Your RPG Coding. This comprehensive new book gives you all the tools to move to a more modern, modular, and efficient ILE RPG. The book guides you through the transition at a comfortable pace, making every ILE concept totally accessible. You’ll start with simple, easy-to-understand examples and analogies to OPM, then advance to complete and complex ILE code. Finally, you’ll go beyond ILE with a detailed discussion of SQL, code organization, and structure. Pre-order your copy today!


Feature Article - Programming
Book Review: Programming in ILE RPG, Fifth Edition

This book really hits the mark and is a must-read for all RPG developers.

bruce guetzkowWritten by Bruce Guetzkow


The fifth edition of Programming in ILE RPG by Bryan Meyers and Jim Buck provides an excellent progression of subject matter for the next generation of RPG developers. There is a strong emphasis on free-format coding with plenty of references to fixed-format code. This perspective on RPG will make it easy for students to learn RPG and aid experienced developers in making a transition to more modern coding techniques.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

The wait is over! The 5th edition is here. Here’s your chance to expand your ILE RPG knowledge with our most significant update to this classic RPG book. The latest edition features exclusive coverage of free-format RPG; more SQL than ever before; and greater emphasis on ILE modules, procedures, and service programs. This essential guide covers all the fundamentals you need to be successful with ILE RPG plus the latest development tools. All new programming exercises and assignments included. Order today!


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Revealing the New State of IBM i Security

Get the results of the 2016 State of IBM i Security Study in this on-demand webinar!

PowerTech has audited thousands of IBM i servers over the past 13 years, gaining extensive, real-world insight into the deployment state of IBM i security controls.
The results of this wildly popular study, the State of IBM i Security, have revealed vulnerabilities that even auditors miss—providing invaluable insight in seven configuration categories:

  • Network-initiated commands & data access
  • Server-level security controls
  • Profile and password settings
  • Administrative capabilities
  • Public accessibility to corporate data
  • System event auditing
  • Anti-virus protection

Session Learning Objectives Viewers also gain an understanding of:

  • Why this study is important
  • How the data is collected
  • How to interpret and learn from the results

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An Automated Recovery Plan Auditors Will Love

Robot SAVE can make your life easier when it comes to recovering your IBM i data. Watch this 30-minute webinar and discover the features that you and your auditors will love, including:

  • Automatically generated system recovery procedures
  • Audit reports listing what was or was not saved
  • Tape integrity for all IBM i systems in the data center
  • Finding and restoring a single object, directory, or library
  • Technical support dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of your configuration

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Who’s Afraid of Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS? Not i.

This 30-minute recording demystifies Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS and teaches best practice techniques for maintaining and controlling critical processes and applications running on your Linux, AIX, and VIOS environments.

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Easy Mobile Development


  • Scott Klement, IBM Champion & Profound Logic Product Developer
  • Amanda Blackburn, Profound Logic Marketing Manager

Learn how you can rapidly and easily deploy mobile apps to your organization – even when working with legacy RPG code! Attend this live Webinar and discover how Profound Mobile helps you:

  • Deploy secure applications for any mobile device
  • Build one application for all platforms, including Apple and Android
  • Extend the life and reach of your IBM i (aka iSeries, AS400) platform

You’ll see examples from customers who have used our products and services to deliver the mobile applications of their dreams, faster and easier than they ever thought possible!

Watch this Webinar Now!

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