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October 31, 2014 | Volume 11 Issue 43


TOP STORY: A Halloween TechTip
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: How Do I Know When I Need a Data Warehouse?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: ASNApalooza 2014 presents a hunk of burning RPG!  
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Security Admin Tasks - Examining the audit journal
MC INDUSTRY BLOGS:Why Network Security 6.50?
EVENT: Reporting and Analytics for Manufacturers and Distributors

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Get the latest and greatest advice from the DB2 for z/OS gurus! DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics, and Mobile provides essential advice and explanations to ensure a successful upgrade--including feedback from early customer experiences. This book describes new DB2 11 features that can help you respond cost-effectively to the data explosion resulting from mobile applications, cloud computing, social media, and smart devices. Understand the new functions in DB2 11, plan your migration strategy, and learn about important new support for application compatibility. Get your copy today!


Feature Article - TechTip
A Halloween TechTip

RPG and Web programmers. Like apples and ear muffs. Different and separate. One of these things is not like the other; one of these things is a little bit strange. Does it have to be that way?

david shireyWritten by David Shirey

They were exhausted and out of breath when they reached the top of the ridge. Her blouse was torn, but he hardly noticed, glancing over his shoulder at the line of torches following them from the valley below.


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In this new release of Data Governance Tools, subject matter expert Sunil Soares walks you through all of the available software tools and shows you how to evaluate them for your program. Soares explains why your organization should consider tools to be a critical component of your data governance program, clarifies how these tools integrate with big data technologies, and shows you how the various software vendors stack up. Pre-order this latest release today!


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Partner TechTip: How Do I Know When I Need a Data Warehouse?

Combining information from different sources often creates challenges that can't be solved within the reporting tool. A data warehouse can get you back on track.

alan jordanWritten by Alan Jordan

Obtaining a query and reporting tool is a common way organizations get started with business intelligence (BI). Creating reports, dashboards, and portals directly from the data seems like a natural progression.


This approach works well in many implementations and meets the organization's needs for years. But some operational data can be pretty hard to work with. Some databases simply were not designed for reporting use and many lack the documentation that could make them easier to use. Cryptic column names, complex relationships, inconsistencies, legacy dates, huge data volumes, and many other issues may need to be overcome to achieve the results you need from your BI investment.


MC Industry Blogs

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Why Network Security 6.50?

Posted on September 23, 2014 by Robin Tatum – Director of Security Technologies/PowerTech


Users neglected the security void created by TCP/IP services for years, but exit programs can provide the robust solution today's threat environment demands.


MC Video Portal

MC Video Portal

Security Admin Tasks - Examining the audit journal

In this informative video:  Carol Woodbury, President of SkyView Partners, discusses the security administration requirement to view audit journal entries on a daily basis and how that can realistically be accomplished using SkyView's Audit Journal Reporter product.


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