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September 19, 2014 | Volume 11 Issue 37


TOP STORY: Adopted Authority: Friend or Foe?
ADVERTORIAL: Partner TechTip: Why PowerTech Network Security 6.50?
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: Bytware's IBM i Message Monitoring Tool Supports Centralized Log Collection and Reporting  
ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Coffee with Carol: Encrypting Data with FIELDPROC No Application Changes! with Guest Presenter Patrick Townsend
MC INDUSTRY BLOGS: 3 Trends Changing Expectations Inside IBM i 
MC VIDEO PORTAL: Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities of IBM i Security Configuration 
EVENT: See What i Can Do with Mobile Applications: San Diego Regional Center and Profound UI


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3 Trends Changing Expectations Inside IBM i Shops

Released: May 14, 2014. UPDATED: June 18, 2014


As the IBM i platform closes in on its silver anniversary, there are more than a few operators with ties tracing back to the very beginning. As any one of them can tell you, their roles have likely undergone more changes than the technology itself in that time.