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July 24, 2015 | Volume 12 Issue 28


TOP STORY: FTP on IBM i: Does It Honor the User Profile's Limited Capability Setting or Not?
FEATURED ARTICLE: TechTip: Get Familiar with Wireshark, an Open-Source Packet Analysis Tool
NEWS HIGHLIGHT:  Zend Opens Zend Server and Z-Ray to Community Innovation with New Add-ons and Plugins Gallery
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EVENT: From Idea to Implementation: Getting Internal Approval For an Enterprise Job Scheduler

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The Essential Guide to Security. In this practical and highly readable guide--an update to her acclaimed IBM i & i5/OS Security & Compliance: A Practical Guide--security expert Carol Woodbury explains IBM i security and the way it functions within IBM i systems. Whether you’re new to IBM i or a seasoned veteran, this book contains the critical information and explanations you need to successfully maintain a secure system. Get your copy today. >>


Feature Article - Security
FTP on IBM i: Does It Honor the User Profile's Limited Capability Setting or Not?

Carol explains why you need to be concerned about profiles' limited capability setting when considering the risks FTP poses to your organization.

carol woodburyWritten by Carol Woodbury

Many IBM i shops continue to allow FTP to be run by all users (or I should say have done little or nothing to ensure only selected users can use FTP). The excuse that some administrators use is that their users have been configured as limited capability users, so what's the threat? This article describes the threat, even when a user is a limited capability user.


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Become a certified DBA. Take on Exams 611 (DB2 10.1) and 311 (DB2 10.5) with this comprehensive 1,248-page book. This valuable resource is much more than a typical study guide. You’ll gain a deep understanding of DB2 server management, physical design, business rules implementation, activity monitoring, utilities, high availability, security, and connectivity and networking. It’s all the fundamentals plus valuable author insight. Includes 50+ step-by-step DB2 feature implementation procedures and 400+ practice questions with detailed answers. Pre-Order Today!


Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Get Familiar with Wireshark, an Open-Source Packet Analysis Tool

With over 5 million downloads of Wireshark every year, network analysts who have skills in packet analysis set themselves apart. To troubleshoot your network, you should learn, really learn about Wireshark.

lisa bockWritten by Lisa Bock

Packet analysis can analyze network problems, detect network intrusion attempts, perform content monitoring, monitor bandwidth usage per application and process, and verify endpoint security status to see unwanted protocols (such as bogus ARP traffic and Multicast DNS), and gather and report network statistics.


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Don’t leave your IBM mainframe security to chance!

Get your copy of IBM Mainframe Security: Beyond the Basics today. You’ll learn senior-level skills for mainframe security from IBM mainframe expert Dinesh D. Dattani. With more than 30 years of experience, Dattani shares his advice on important security issues from a practical, real-life perspective. The tutorial format includes quizzes and pointers to help you assess the current security in your organization. 


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