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August 26, 2016 | Volume 13 Issue 34


LEAD ARTICLE: TechTip: C# for RPGers: Not All Strings Are Born Equal
FEATURED ARTICLE: TechTip: DB2 11 for z/OS Performance and Tuning Tips
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: IBM Bluemix Garage Offerings
EVENT: Class: System Administration and Control Workshop for IBM i , iSeries and AS/400

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Your IBM i RPG applications are the lifeblood of your business, but working with old-fashioned green-screens can be like pulling teeth.

ASNA Wings puts a modern Web user interface on your RPG applications quickly and easily. Wings quickly adds power and pizzazz to your IBM i RPG portfolio. Learn how in our free Tuesday, August 30th, 1pm CDT Webcast.

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Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: C# for RPGers: Not All Strings Are Born Equal

This time around, I’ll explain a very important object-oriented (OO) concept and some neat things you can do with a string in C# using a new type of object: StringBuilder.

rafael victoria preiraWritten by Rafael Victória-Pereira

If you haven’t read the last couple of TechTips, here’s what I’ve talked about: I introduced strings as a slightly different data type (a complex one, when compared to the simple data type presented before) and showed how to extract characters from it using a method called “substring.” Substring is very similar to an RPG BIF, but it’s a part of the string object, not a standalone function. Strings are objects and have “internal BIFs,” called “methods.” Some are similar to the RPG BIFs you know; others are something totally different.


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This ain’t your mama’s RPG! Time to move on from OPM—with Evolve Your RPG Coding. This comprehensive new book gives you all the tools to move to a more modern, modular, and efficient ILE RPG. The book guides you through the transition at a comfortable pace, making every ILE concept totally accessible. You’ll start with simple, easy-to-understand examples and analogies to OPM, then advance to complete and complex ILE code. Finally, you’ll go beyond ILE with a detailed discussion of SQL, code organization, and structure. Pre-order your copy today!


Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: DB2 11 for z/OS Performance and Tuning Tips

Raise or lower the priority of a workload as needed to meet user-specified goals.

susan lawsonWritten by Susan Lawson

This article is an excerpt from chapter 6, “Performance and Tuning,” of DB2 11 for z/OS Database Administration: Certification Study Guide (Exam 312).


Using z/OS Workload Manager (WLM), you can set z/OS performance options for DB2. With WLM, you define performance goals and assign a business importance to each goal. The goals for work are defined in business terms, and the system decides how much resource, such as CPU and storage, to give to the work to meet its goal.


WLM controls the dispatching priority based on the user-supplied goals. It raises or lowers the priority as needed to meet the specified goal. Thus, you need not fine-tune the exact priorities of every piece of work in the system and can focus instead on business objectives.


Sponsor - The MC Press Bookstore

Can’t wait? The wait is over…It’s finally here! The latest update to the classic IBM i security reference is now available. Fully secure your IBM i applications and data with help from security guru Carol Woodbury. Written in a clear, jargon-free style, you’ll learn why it’s vital to develop a security policy and how to implement and maintain such a system. You’ll also get expert advice for tackling today’s security threats. This new release is updated for the latest version of the IBM i operating system. Get your copy today!


MC SCBG Featured Product

TLAForms by TL Ashford converts your traditional IBM i spool files into high quality, professional forms.

Use a GUI Designer to create forms using data from a spool file and data from your IBM i files. Forms can be designed with true-type fonts, bar codes – including QR Code and Datamatrix, color images, overlays, lines, boxes and ellipses all in full color.

The software generates your forms as PDF documents that are archived to the IFS, automatically emailed and/or printed. Forms can be printed to IBM i PostScript printers, any printer connected to the network, or any printer connected to a PC. IFS locations, email addresses, and printers can be variable based on data within the spool file, data within the IBM i file or spool file attributes.

No programming is required to generate the new forms from your existing ERP, WMS or in-house application software.

The experienced TL Ashford technical support team will provide any pre-designed templates like the VICS Bill of Lading, and make sure working with the software is as easy and productive as possible!


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