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Lead Article - Programming

Practical RPG: Say Goodbye to Indicators!

The indicator is perhaps the most ignominious throwback to the original days of RPG, but the good news is that, with a little work, we can get rid of them.

Written by Joe Pluta

The indicator data type isn't terrible in and of itself. This concept is known in other languages as a Boolean, a variable that can contain one of two values: true or false.

T.L. Ashford

Barcode400 Labeling Software for the IBM i

All Data and Software Resides on the IBM i: Everything is centralized and secure.
Graphical Designer: Design labels in minutes.
Integrate and Print with Existing Apps: Call from RPG, COBOL, CLP and JAVA programs.
Compliance Labels Provided: Extensive library of predesigned label templates.
Supply Chain Solution: Easily integrated into any IBM i ERP or WMS solution.

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TL Ashford - Since 1983

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You’ve heard the buzz about open source on IBM i. But what is open source, and how can you use it? You’ll get answers in Open Source Starter Guide for IBM i Developers, the first book that explains open source development in IBM i terms. Join author Pete Helgren in exploring popular tools—PASE, XMLSERVICE, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Python, Node.js, and Apache Tomcat. You’ll take away lots of solid “how-to” information and be stoked to start building your own open source apps. Get your copy today!

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Feature Article - Programming

Rational Developer for i Alternatives

What do you do when you can’t scrape together funding for Rational Developer for i? There are options.

Written by Brian May

In case you haven’t noticed, since December my articles have focused on improving your shop and yourself. We have discussed investing in yourself, learning new programming languages, and updating your RPG skills. This article will continue that theme and discuss alternative options for IBM i source code editing.

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Find Out Why You Should Keep Data on IBM i

It’s simple. IBM i is the most reliable, securable, and powerful platform to house your critical business data.
IBM i was built for business and has added features and functionality over the years to keep up with modern business needs. You can trust it to run your business, access your data in real-time, and keep your data secure. Plus, IBM i can scale to your business and handle all of your critical data.
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