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Lead Article - Programming

TechTip: Node.js JoinJS

SQL result sets are flat for joins. That makes it more complex to process both in business logic and UI. JoinJS to the rescue!

Written by Aaron Bartell

I am currently coding a Node.js project for a customer that uses the HapiJS web framework. We had the need to create a JSON result object from DB2 that conveyed a list of employees and their department associations and send it to the browser. In short, the SQL result set looked like the below.

T. L. Ashford

Barcode400 Labeling Software for the IBM i

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Feature Article - Analytics & Cognitive

TechTip: Watson Products

A couple of articles ago, we looked at what an API was and even what Watson was, but we didn’t get into an example of the kinds of stuff Watson is mixed up in. Stand by to be amazed. 

Written by Dave Shirey   

In a previous TechTip, we started to get into what the new world of APIs allows us to do (interface complex applications, not just point functions, with your custom applications) and what Watson really is (a set of very fast processors running with a parallel architecture, DeepQA, to provide a new way to approach the question-and-answer application). But we didn’t talk about how you can get involved with that world.

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