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Lead Article - Analytics & Cognitive

TechTip: Watson Products, Continued

Last month, we started looking at how you can work with Watson. We began with one of the Watson “products” that IBM offers, the Virtual Agent. This month, we will look at the other product options in Watson’s stable.

Written by Dave Shirey  

IBM offers a number of products, off-the-shelf components that can be configured to work with your business and will provide benefit without your having to learn a new language or really do anything technical.

T.L. Ashford

Business Forms
For IBM i Users

JOIN this Webinar hosted by TLAshford and NGS Software.

TLAForms makes designing and generating forms a snap. Elevate the quality of your forms, improve your company’s image and save money generating forms.

NGS-IQ is reporting and business intelligence software to help you more accurately and easily analyze business performance.


Profound Logic

Register Now: Introducing Profound.js 2.0
Live Webinar – June 28 – 10:30 AM PDT

Learn how easy it can be to add the power of Node.js to your business! With Node for IBM i, you can more easily find new development talent and add Watson and IoT capabilities to your applications.

In this live Webinar, learn how Profound.js 2.0 enables you to:

  • Use a free development framework and visual designer for Node.js
  • Convert RPGLE code into clean, simplified Node.js
  • Automatically generate code for Node
  • Let existing RPG programs call Node modules directly, and vice versa
  • Provide RPG-like capabilities for server-side JavaScript

Register for the Webinar

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You’ve heard the buzz about open source on IBM i. But what is open source, and how can you use it? You’ll get answers in Open Source Starter Guide for IBM i Developers, the first book that explains open source development in IBM i terms. Join author Pete Helgren in exploring popular tools—PASE, XMLSERVICE, Ruby/Rails, PHP, Python, Node.js, and Apache Tomcat. You’ll take away lots of solid “how-to” information and be stoked to start building your own open source apps. Get your copy today!

Feature Article - Analytics & Cognitive

TechTip: Node.js DB2 Connection Pool

"The golden rule of DB2 is never share a resource across threads (connection, statement, any resource, etc.)."

—IBMer Tony Cairns

Written by Aaron Bartell

Being in a technology job has us playing the role of lifelong learner. I wouldn't have it any other way because that's one reason I like being in the technology field. It's almost like putting together a never-ending puzzle, yet still having the satisfaction of completing incremental puzzles along the way (i.e., projects involving technology).

MC Video Showcase
MC Resource Centers

Profound.js: The Agile Approach to Legacy Modernization

In this presentation, Alex Roytman (CEO, Profound Logic) and Liam Allan (2016 COMMON Student Innovation Award winner) will unveil a completely new and unique way to modernize your legacy applications.
Learn how Agile Modernization:

  • Uses the power of Node.js in place of costly system re-writes and migrations
  • Enables you to modernize legacy systems in an iterative, low-risk manner
  • Makes it easier to hire developers for your modernization efforts

Integrates with Profound UI (GUI modernization) for a seamless, end-to-end legacy modernization solution


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Feature Article - Security

Five Security-Related Reasons to Care About Your IBM i Backup Strategy

Many IBM i administrators have a comprehensive backup strategy, but for those who don’t, I’m hoping that this article will have you reworking how you approach backups.

Written by Carol Woodbury

Debbie Saugen was a colleague when I worked at IBM, and I’m happy to say she’s once again my colleague now that she’s joined HelpSystems. Debbie’s area of expertise is backup and recovery. Working with her again has reminded me of the security-related reasons to have a comprehensive backup strategy. Let’s take a look.