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Lead Article - Programming

TechTip: Node.js iToolkit Mods

Walk through a real-world scenario of how Aaron Bartell approaches changes to open-source projects.

Written by Aaron Bartell

In a recent blog post, Jesse Gorzinski, Business Architect - Open Source on IBM i, focused on the "Power of Community." The community is the only way open source not only survives but thrives. There's a lot of activity in IBM i open source right now, and I hope that trend continues.

One aspect that kept me from originally participating with open source is I didn't know how to interoperate with the community and participate in changing code repositories. This article documents a real-world scenario.

T.L. Ashford

Barcode400 Labeling Software for the IBM i

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Feature Article - Programming

TechTip: PHP 7.X Is Finally Here

PHP 7.0 is here. Hurray! For the IBM i, that is. It took a while, but now it’s a fact. Read all about it. 

Written by Dave Shirey   

Almost two years ago, I did a TechTip on PHP 7.0 and what it had to offer when it was first released by Zend. In fact, I did two of them. At that time, the word on the street was that it would be available for the i within a few months of that date (July 2015). But it took a bit longer than anyone expected. It took, in fact until just a few weeks ago. But now, finally, the latest release of PHP is available for the IBM i community to use and abuse. And, in fact, it took so long that what is now available to the i is not just PHP 7.0, but PHP 7.1.  

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IBM i Security: Event Logging & Active Monitoring

A Step by Step Guide
Active monitoring is one of the most critical and effective security controls that an organization can deploy. Unlike many Windows and Linux server deployments, the IBM i can host a complex mix of back-office applications, web applications, and open source applications and services - leaving millions of security events to actively monitor.
This eBook discusses:

  • Real-time security event logging and monitoring
  • Security architecture and logging sources on the IBM i
  • Creating the IBM security audit journal QAUDJRN
  • Enabling IBM security events through system values
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM)
  • A step by step checklist begin collecting and monitoring IBM i security logs

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COMMON Announces 2017-2018 Board of Directors

COMMON, the largest association of IBM Power Systems and Business Computing users, announced its new Board of Directors members during the Meeting of the Members.