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 September 12, 2007  |  Volume 2, Issue 17


In This Issue:
Moving to Structured Software Change Management
>> Using i5/OS Commands

Feature Article - Programming
Moving to Structured Software Change Management

In today's complex IT world, choosing the right change management system is crucial.

As your business needs evolve, a greater volume of software changes—possibly over several platforms and certainly under a tight schedule—are required to support your business objectives. Structured software change management, and the productivity tools it brings to the table, becomes a requirement not only for the IT staff, but for other departments within your company as well.


Feature Article - Programming
Using i5/OS Commands

With a little understanding, you'll find i5/OS commands quite intuitive.

(Editor's note: This article is excerpted from the book IBM i5/iSeries Primer, Fourth Edition by Ted Holt and Kevin Forsythe.)

Many computers have operating systems with control commands that make little sense. You might guess that the cp command copies files on a UNIX system, but would you know that the command to rename a file is mv or that the cat command can display the contents of a file on a dumb terminal? i5/OS, on the other hand, always follows a standard set of abbreviations. The vast majority of commands adhere to the following naming scheme:


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