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September 12, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 17


TOP STORY: What CFOs Need to Know About the Cloud
FEATURED ARTICLE: Five Shortcuts to Sensible Operational Security
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: RJS Software Focuses on Document Management Security with High-level Appointment
WHITE PAPER: 5 Shortcuts to Sensible Operational Security
FORUM: Analyzing the MI Instruction Stream of an OPM Program
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Sponsor - Help/Systems
If you’re like most businesses, you’re in a race for fast, easy access to information. That includes information from multiple databases, like DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL.

The white paper, The Race To Access Enterprise Data, describes the goals you need to achieve and the hurdles you’ll face. And, it reveals how quickly and easily SEQUEL can deliver the data you need, in the format you prefer, anywhere.

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Feature Article - Virtualization
What CFOs Need to Know About the Cloud

Let's examine financial software's role in maximizing IT investments in the cloud era.

steve_pughWritten by Steve Pugh

Organizations are steadily increasing their adoption of cloud applications, using both public (multi-tenant) and private clouds. The cloud can offer a variety of compelling advantages over the traditional on-premise computing model, including the following:


Sponsor - Rocket Aldon

You’re a “green screener” and proud of it! You have a history with the AS/400 and can’t live without your RPG. The IBM i world will always have its place with your critical business applications, but how can a RPG programmer stay connected and current with other facets of the software development world? Download this quick reference guide: Survival Guide for an iSeries Developer and learn the top five ways to stay cool, stay informed, and remain true to the AS/400.


Feature Article - Security
Five Shortcuts to Sensible Operational Security

Here are some recommendations for managing users on IBM Power Systems when time is of the essence.

martin_normanWritten by Martin Norman

Editor's Note: This article is an extract of the white paper "Five Shortcuts to Sensible Operational Security" available free from the MC White Paper Center.


The last 10 years have seen drastic changes in the importance and relevance of security and audit issues. I am sure we all recall at least one incident in which a software or hardware product had been rebadged or maybe just remarketed for whatever that year's hot security subject was. Many vendors were claiming to provide the only path to total compliance with the security standards of the day, and if you did not buy their products, you would find yourself in jail.


Sponsor - ASNA Wings
Free workshops: Give your RPG programs the user interface they deserve!

ASNA Wings modernizes your RPG green-screen user interfaces quickly and leaves all RPG logic and file IO untouched on the IBM i. With Wings, not only can you modernize user interface cosmetics, but you can also add vital program enhancements at the presentation layer—without needing to change or retest your server-side RPG logic.

To learn all about ASNA Wings, please join ASNA's Roger Pence, for this fast-track and informative half-day session. Roger shows you what ASNA Wings is, and then interactively presents how to use ASNA Wings to give your RPG the user interface it deserves.

Wednesday, September 28, in Raleigh/Durham
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Thursday, September 29, in Cincinnati

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Please join us for lunch afterwards!
A casual lunch will be served after the presentation. During this lunch we’ll have a group discussion about the challenges that an IBM i customer faces today.

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