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September 14, 2007  |  Volume 4, Issue 37


In This Issue:
Where Is My Baggage, and Why Can't You Find It?
>> TechTip: Track and Analyze Network Traffic with ntop
>> APC Enters Enterprise Software Market for IT Physical Infrastructure Management

Feature Article - Commentary
Where Is My Baggage, and Why Can't You Find It?

With all the miracles of modern technology, don't you have to wonder why airlines can't keep track of our luggage?

The situation may sound familiar. You can't stretch your legs, the person next to you thinks he owns your armrest, and the person in front of you insists on reclining her seat to the point where getting up to go to the bathroom involves a complicated routine of contortionism that challenges your aged muscles.


Feature Article - TechTip
TechTip: Track and Analyze Network Traffic with ntop

Use ntop to display, graph, analyze, and sort all your network traffic statistics across all network protocols.

There are many utilities available for Linux and Windows that perform various network traffic monitoring and sniffing, sometimes too many to choose from.


Advertorial - Help/Systems
Partner TechTip: Extracting DB2 Data to Your PC Is Not Always Easy

How do you easily summarize DB2/400 data for analysis on your PC?

Do you need to extract transaction data to your PC for analysis? Is the amount of data too large for your PC to handle? Do you need to move (pivot) the data in a spreadsheet for ease-of-use? Do you have staff members who need to take the data on the road to critical accounts?