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September 14, 2011 | Volume 6 Issue 9


TOP STORY: What Do You Need to Know to Become DB2 9.7 Certified?
FEATURED NEWS: Anticipating Hurricane Irene
NEWS HIGHLIGHT: CCSS Enters the African IBM i Market with New Agent AnyKey Technologies
FORUM: Open-Source Tool HSSFCGI Now Offers Picture Resizing and Relocating
TRIAL SOFTWARE: Free unlimited trial of the Valence Web Application Framework for IBM i
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Feature Article - Career
What Do You Need to Know to Become DB2 9.7 Certified?

The answer to that question is right here!

roger_sandersWritten by Roger Sanders

Shortly before my book DB2 9 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Database Administration: Certification Study Guide went into a second printing (which was in May 2009), IBM invited me to help develop the DB2 9.7 for Linux UNIX, and Windows Database Administration (DBA) certification exam (Exam 541). Knowing that a new version of the DBA exam was about to be created, I contacted my editor and asked if we should update my DB2 9 DBA book to cover the upcoming exam. At that time, it was decided that such a revision would be too costly and time-consuming and that, instead, the next revision would take place after the DB2 10 exams were developed.


Featured News
Anticipating Hurricane Irene

Editor's Note: The head of customer care at Vision Solutions offers his account of events surrounding one of the most financially devastating North American weather-related events of 2011 as told by writer Robert Gast.

By the evening of Friday, August 26, the inhabitants of a long stretch of the eastern seaboard all had something in common: There was a likely chance there lives would be greatly impacted by a destructive hurricane. On that day, a record number of viewers were glued to the Weather Channel to watch the offspring of a distant tropical cyclone swell into a 600 mile-wide hurricane; with prolonged wind speeds in excess of 111 miles per hour.


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